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President Sullivan to be Reinstated? Rally for Honor on Sunday!


If you care about the future of the University of Virginia, one of the greatest institutions of higher learning in the country, let alone in Virginia, I strongly encourage you to attend the rally on Sunday, from 2 to 4 pm, on The Lawn at UVA. Meanwhile, in encouraging news, The University of Virginia board of visitors announced a little while ago that it “will meet Tuesday to reconsider its forced resignation of President Teresa Sullivan.” I would think that Sullivan supporters would only have called such a meeting if they knew they had the votes to win, especially given that the board of visitors’ announcement “came shortly after the deans of U.Va.’s colleges urged the board to reinstate Sullivan, joining the faculty senate in opposition to her ouster.” Great stuff, let’s get this situation straightened out and stop messing with this great university and justifiable lauded Virginia institution!

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Sometimes, the good guys win. Hopefully, this is one of those times.

  • ir003436

    I’m not a native Virginian nor am I a grad of Mr. Jefferson’s University — but — I’m intensely upset about this affair for what it shows about the stealth takeover by profit-driven corporate raiders of damn near everything we hold dear.

    Keeping my fingers crossed they have the votes to reinstate President Sullivan.  And let’s hope No-Jobs Bob McDonnell has the fortitude to let Rector Dragas leave when her term is up.

  • According to Waldo Jaquith:

    Here’s a screenshot of the PDF, provided on the Washington Post site, of Dragas’ statement. I’ve opened the “Get Info” window in Mac OS X’s Preview.app, where you can see that Hill & Knowlton’s John Ullyot is the author.

  • mechenvy

    Outstanding. This is a critical moment for the health of the University, but this is also a fight for a sane, healthy balance between the private and public spheres across the nation. This may be the moment when the pendulum finally stops swinging to the far right. No time to rest or take anything for granted. Pour on the emails, phone calls and letters.

    Note that most of the issues raised in Dragas’s apparently ghost-written statement (honor violation, anyone?) have been artificially created by bad public policy decisions. Many of them could be solved by just a slightly more progressive tax code and the elimination of only the most egregious tax loopholes and corporate welfare among the $12 billion a year in special-interest goodies paid out annually by Virginia taxpayers.

    How is that President Sullivan’s fault, and how would changing leadership and losing another year or two to that hiring process help? And by the way, she issued a cogent and candid strategic analysis before the Academical Village Putsch, even though she says she was told when hired NOT to do strategic planning.

  • ir003436


    In her statement she lists ten challenges facing the University.  Following her list, she says:

    This is but a partial list. Put together, these challenges represent an extremely steep climb, even if the University were lean and on top of its game. Yet in the face of these challenges, the University still lacks an updated strategic plan.

    Believe it or not, the last time the University developed a concrete, strategic plan was a decade ago – in 2002. We deserve better – the rapid development of a plan that includes goals, costs, sources of funds, timelines and individual accountability. And, without micromanaging details such as calling for the elimination of specific programs or mandating distance learning, the Board did insist, and still insists, that the University leadership move in a timely, thoughtful, and organized fashion to address these and similar issues. Failing this, the University of Virginia will continue to drift in yesterday.

    Hmmm.  So — you’re the Rector.  You have a list of challenges facing the University.  You are concerned because the University has not done a strategic plan since 2002.

    How about, instead of firing the University president and starting a huge pie fight, how about GETTING STARTED ON A STRATEGIC PLAN????

    Or maybe that’s not as profitable as slipping one of your corporate cronies into the President’s job.