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Heating of Pot No Reason for Alarm, Reports Frog Media


frog in a pot 3It’s not true that if you slowly turn up the heat, a frog won’t notice that his surroundings are getting hotter – the frog will jump out of the pot if he can. That’s an allegory – but whether humans will recognize & respond to their warming climate is a very real & open question.

Mainstream media coverage of Friday night’s extreme storms in the Mid-Atlantic region shows no sign of hoppiness:

Reading these stories, I can’t help but think of Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed by Jared Diamond. Past dominant societies have proved quite capable of blissfully ignoring all evidence of impending doom. So far, America’s media is proving no different. Will 2012’s record temperatures and extreme weather change that? Or be just another milepost on the road to disaster?

  • What’s the media’s excuse? On second thought, these ARE the same people who bring us 24/7 if-it-bleeds-it-leads sensationalism, infotainment fluff (Tom Cruise is getting divorced! Shocker!!!), crazy false equivalence on every subject (99% of climate scientists say there IS global warming, 1% say there isn’t, so let’s report “both sides” equally and be “fair and balanced!”), and other assorted idiocies. Perhaps the frog is as smart, or smarter, than the corporate media morons?

  • glennbear

    I recently spent two weeks in Alberta, Canada including a visit to Fort McMurray where the largest tar sands mining is located. The immensity of these operations has to be seen to be comprehended as does the positive economic impact on the entire province. I am definitely not a proponent of tar sands oil extraction but the reality is that it is going to happen into the foreseeable future. There is one very small bit of good news however, Suncor, who is one of the largest producers has completed the first total reclamation of a tailings pond and there are plans to reclaim more. Newer extraction processes have drastically reduced the number of ponds needed.

        The tailings pond reclamation was the direct result of pressure by Alberta citizens and environmental groups on the government who owns the land being mined and thus can, (if pressured) dictate how it is restored. The activism shown in Alberta which resulted in positive change could well serve as a model for energy source extraction sites here in the USA.