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Virginia News Headlines: Sunday Morning (“Derecho” Edition)


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political, meterological and otherwise, for Sunday, July 1. As of 6 am, Dominion reports that there are still 291,189 people in Northern Virginia without electricity, plus 75,753 in the Shenandoah Valley/Western Piedmont, and 76,758 in the Richmond Metro/Tri Cities area. And just remember, this insane weather across the country (and the globe, actually), season after season, year after year, has NOTHING whatsoever to do with anthropogenic global warming. So sayeth Rush, the Koch brothers, Rex Tillerson, and all the other profit-over-planet traitors to humanity.

*Vicious Storms Leave 9 Dead in Va., Md., D.C.

*On top of heat wave, it may take

a week for power to be restored

*Washington-area cooling centers and open gas stations

*Derecho: Behind Washington, D.C.’s destructive thunderstorm outbreak, June 29, 2012

*McDonnell: ‘This is a very dangerous situation for Virginia’

*Verizon, AT&T report cellphone problems

*Storms kill at least 2 in Southwest Va.; restoration efforts continue

*A unique storm leaves Staunton-area reeling

*Va. has tough Medicaid choice

*Dragas reappointment won’t quiet U.Va. unrest

*U-Va. upheaval: 18 days of leadership crisis

*Virginia wins relief from No Child Left Behind

*What becomes law on Sunday

*Cuccinelli’s legal losing streak (“Va.’s Attorney General extended his losing streak in high-profile cases with two setbacks last week.”)

*McDonnell: No special session needed for health care

*Schapiro: On health care. GOP gambles on delay-and-destroy

*Strasburg short-circuited by the heat, Braves

P.S. Also, this is amusing (“Bobby Jindal Slips Up With ‘Obamneycare'”)