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New Laws Go Into Effect: What’s New in VA


As the Roanoke Times reports, today marks the date when new laws go into effect. Lowkell has reported on one major change (mandatory ultrasounds for women getting an abortion). There are additional law changes.  For example (paraphrased here from the RT):

* As the Roanoke Times reports, a new law “Creates a cause of action for the wrongful death of a fetus caused by the wrongful act, neglect or default of another. No cause of action can be brought against the natural mother.” (Aside: Does this mean that if a woman miscarries coincident with an emotional trauma she can look to criminally blame someone for her loss? It sounds to vague to me.  What do the lawyers out there say?)

*Voters can no longer sign an affidavit when they forgot a photo ID at the polls. Instead they must use a provisional ballot.

*A new law bans the state’s cooperation with feds efforts to detain US citizens when enforcing the National Defense Authorization Act if such detention violates the federal or state constitution or any other law.

* A person convicted of DUI must use an ignition interlock system. After the second conviction, he or she must install interlocks on all household vehicles.

* Schools must keep Epi-Pens on site for medical emergencies arising from acute allergic reactions.

* Local government employees and teachers must contribute 5% of their earnings to their state retirement.

*Expands the list of those who must report child abuse.

*Allows the one-gun-a-month limit to expire. (Aside: Seriously?)

* “Strangulation. Makes strangulation without consent resulting in the wounding or bodily injury of another a Class 6 felony,” according to the RT)

* Motorcycles can ride two-abreast.

* Bans “bath salts” and synthetic marijuana.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    While the votor ID law is unnecessary and a thinly disguised attemp to suppress voter turnout, the new law doesn’t require a photo ID only. It is imperative that we explain to voters that they can also use a voter card, utility bill showing name and address, Social Security card, concealed weapon permit, pay stub, etc. The law provides that the SBE must send out a new voter card to each registered voter, also.

  • glennbear

    This particular law is a thinly veiled attempt to intimidate doctors and staff at abortion providers. It gives legal cover to overzealous ideology driven prosecutors and money hungry tort lawyers who wish to go on witch hunts (does that sound like our AG ?). Although mothers are exempted clinic staff members are not.