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Arlington Revenue Commissioner Ingrid Morroy and Her Band Sing “Vote Absentee” Song


A few weeks ago, I volunteered at Clarendon Metro stop in Arlington to help register voters, and I heard this song about 100 times. So, at this point, I hate hate hate love it! 🙂 Seriously, though, whether you love or hate this song – and how can you hate it when sung by my friend, Arlington Revenue Commissioner Ingrid Morroy, and her bandmates – the point is you can vote absentee right now in Virginia, as long as you can check one of these boxes (e.g., “you will be absent from the county or city in which you are entitled to vote, due to an obligation of business, profession, or occupation or while on personal business or vacation”). Why vote absentee? As the song notes, you never know what will happen; heck, there could be a snowstorm, or another earthquake or something, or maybe you’ll win the lottery and be off on the cruise of a lifetime. The point is, if you can lock in your vote for Barack Obama and Tim Kaine (plus the Democrat running for Congress in your district) now, why not go ahead and do it?

  • Pain

    … Been looking for this info but haven’t really gotten a confirmation on this yet [and haven’t called the office to find out].

    In 2008 I just walked in and voted after showing ID and maybe filling out a form, I don’t recall.  This year I have overheard you must fill in an absentee request and send it in, and once received then you can go in to vote.  Is that true, that you have to previously apply to go vote absentee in person?  Or can you show up and fill out the request and then vote at the same time?

  • Jamie

    You can fill out an absentee application and then cast your absentee vote at the same time. No need to send in something in advance.

    The deadline for absentee in-person is Saturday, November 3rd. Check out http://gottavote.com for more information.