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Sen. McEachin Writes to Attorney General Holder, Requests DOJ Assistance with Virginia Voter Fraud


Thank goodness somebody’s on top of this, as we certainly can’t trust Ken Kookinelli to lift a finger. And no, I don’t buy his lame protestations of helplessness, given that he’s managed to stick his nose into anything and everything the past 3 years.

Dear Attorney General Holder,

I would like to ask for the assistance of the Department of Justice with a concerning situation that has developed here in Virginia over the past few days. A gentleman, who was later found to be a paid Republican operative, disposed of several voter registration applications, an illegal act. We are not certain of the extent of the situation – whether other forms have been disposed of, whether other operatives have been involved in this kind of behavior and/or what other kinds of misdeeds have occurred.

I was hopeful we could resolve and address this situation right here in the Commonwealth, but the Republican controlled State Board of Elections has refused to ask for an investigation. The Republican Attorney General claims he cannot investigate without a request from the State Board of Elections. This from the very same attorney general who did not hesitate to ignore, bully and run over a similar government appointed board to forcibly install regulations on abortion clinics. Now, suddenly, he says his hands are tied and is unwilling to even try to exercise any discretion to investigate this egregious situation. Apparently, Republicans, who claim to have been so concerned about he sanctity of our electoral process, are much more sanguine when their own colleagues are found to be involved.

Voting is our most basic right as citizens and, in less than two weeks, we will be voting for president of the United States, perhaps the most important vote we cast every four years.  We must have confidence that our electoral system is safe and secure. While Republicans here in Virginia and elsewhere have postured about voters cheating the system, here in Virginia, the fraud is being committed on the voters. I and my fellow Virginians want to be certain that, by Election Day, we can be confident that all eligible citizens are able to vote and that none have been thwarted by the antics of paid partisan operatives.

I would ask you and the Justice Department to please launch an investigation so that we Virginians can be certain that the extent of this heinous situation has been determined  and can know that it has been stopped and resolved.

Thank you for your help in this serious matter. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance.


A. Donald McEachin


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