Excellent Poll News for President Obama from Gallup’s Tracker


    I know that a lot of Democrats are anxious, even upset, right now about recent polling numbers. Of course, when you have the corporate media pounding day-in, day-out on the theme they’ve all decided on, which is that Romney supposedly “won” the debate last week, even though almost every word he said was either a lie or a flip flop/Etch-a-Sketch, what else can you expect? Despite that, the fact is that the economy’s improving, we got GREAT numbers this past week from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and private economic firms (time for Dems to TALK ABOUT THIS!), and President Obama’s still the favorite on November 6 in Nate Silver’s model and elsewhere. Need more cheering up? How about the following numbers from Gallup, which just posted them at 1 pm.

    *Obama has a +11 (53%-42%) net approval rating. It’s VERY hard to see how a sitting president with a +11 net approval rating loses his bid for reelection a few weeks later (although I suppose anything’s possible).

    *Obama leads Romney by 5 points (50%-45%) among registered voters. That’s a 2-point improvement from yesterday. So much for Romney’s post-debate “bounce?”

    *Obama and Romney are tied (48%-48%) in Gallup’s likely voter model (up 2 points from yesterday). We’ll see if that’s accurate or not, but here’s where I’m thinking the Obama “ground game,” which they’ve invested huge resources in, should pay big dividends.

    *According to Gallup, the unemployment rate has fallen again and is now at 7.3% (compared to 7.8% as of late September, according to Gallup, and also BLS). So much for unemployment being “above 8%,” as lying liar Karl Rove and other right-wing SuperPACs keep FALSELY claiming on TV.

    *Gallup’s Job Creation Index, at +22 (up 2 points from yesterday), is close to the highest levels it’s seen since early 2008, well before the collapse of Wall Street led our country into the Great Recession.

    *Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index (up 3 points today) is now 80 points (!!!) above where it was 4 years ago at this time.

    Look at all these statistics from Gallup, and please explain to me how a sitting president with numbers like these loses his bid for reelection? I don’t see it.

    P.S. More good news on the polling front: Obama’s up 49%-45% in Florida, an absolute must-win state for Romney.

    UPDATE: Another good poll, this time of Minnesota by Public Policy Polling, shows “Barack Obama expanding his lead to 10 points over Mitt Romney at 53-43.”

    • Teddy Goodson

      nefarious methods are what the Republicans are counting on to cold cock Obama. I have always felt that the rightwing propagand machine, emphasizing “wrong statistics” on unemployment, and “skewed polling” and now, the push to call the election a dead heat is ALL designed to give cover to their intention to steal the election. I appreciate your efforts to give us facts (such useless things) and statistical analyses to “prove” Obama is still going to be re-elected, but I am afraid this disregards the plans of Rove, funded by Koch Brothers, to make it plausible when they tweak the voting machines, suppress and disdallow votes, and so push their puppet across the finish line. We are dealing here with professional Machiavellian electioneering, and I expect nothig less than totally depraved corruption from these degenerates.