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Sorry, Bob, the Only Thing “Laughable” Is Your Evasions and Lies


Watch this video and please let me know if you: a) hear an answer to Andrea Mitchell’s perfectly reasonable question, the same question Chris Wallace of Fox News tried (but failed) to get answered from Paul Ryan this weekend; b) can find almost anything fully truthful in what McDonnell’s spewing out; or c) feel proud that this guy’s your governor. My answer to all those questions: NO!

UPDATE: The Washington Post is up with an editorial correctly pointing out that “Mr. Ryan dodged, hiding behind a flimsy scaffolding of pseudo-wonkiness.” Well, Bob McDonnell did the same thing, except that he’s not even pseudo-wonky; in fact, T-Bob doesn’t have a clue about federal budgeting, or much of anything else, including how Virginia “balanced its budget” (a bunch of gimmicks and shell game tricks, plus thank you federal “stimulus!”).

  • tjbv.1

    Bob IS embarrassing! Has been since his start with those Civil War gaffes (if gaffes they were–consider his edy’cation….)

    I hope the President, during the debates, knows how to upturn the rock they hide under. If not him, then Lehrer. Somebody has GOT to answer the question, and it shouldn’t have to be major surgery to get it. But it’s always the same thing–“That’s laughable, Andrea/Chris/whomever. The President doesn’t….”

    Honest to God, of all of them, Dem and Repub alike–Bob is the dimmest bulb of all dim bulbs–worse even than Louie Gomert! Worse than  Virginia Fox!!  I still can’t figure how he got elected. There’s too many intelligent people in this state to have let it happen.

  • Say What

    to watch. I had to stop half way through. How is it that Republicans just flat out lie to the public they represent? Somewhere on the Spin-o-meter they flew off the deep end. Facts are optional … only mouth what you are told to mouth, truth be damned.

    They seem to think that the majority won’t look at their voting records, won’t read economists view points, and they’ll vote on what they want to hear vs. facts (I’m sure many do … but the majority?).

    Did the President fail these past 2 years or was it the obstructionist Republicans: to do what is best for the American people writ large. The President is poling better since the conventions because Americans now see the clear difference between the two parties (thank you Bill Clinton – explainer in chief).

    I just don’t understand how adults can behave like McDonnell …. a christian with no morals … at least when comes to telling the truth …he can’t answer a simple question.

    Go to hell Bobby …. Go to hell.