Terry McAuliffe Fairfax Office Opening


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    Terry does a great job of laying out the campaign, emphasizing the stark contrast of his common sense solutions with Cuccinelli’s extreme crackpot agenda. He announced we will be opening 35 field offices all over Virginia so we can talk to our voters on-on-one and get them out to vote this year. Meet your organizer in Fairfax on the flip.

    Meet Your Organizer in Fairfax County 2013

    • kindler

      Terry’s message is spot-on, grabbing all the opportunities that Cuccinelli has been dropping, by focusing on the things that Virginians care most about — jobs, economic development, transportation, education, health care.  Not sodomy laws or climate denial or banning abortion or civil disobedience by employers who don’t want to cover contraception.  

      While Cuccinelli throws red meat to his tea party constituency (who showed up outside to wave a few signs, looking as wacko as usual), McAuliffe is squarely focused on holding together the solid center-left coalition that gave Virginia to President Obama twice.  

      And it was music to my ears when he said that he is also funding Democratic General Assembly races, as part of a long-term strategic effort to turn the state consistently blue from top to bottom.

      A great start — “Game on” indeed!

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