Yew Talkin’ to Me? Cuccinelli’s Jersey Pride


    Yew thought Ken Cuccinelli was a Southerner?  Fuhgeddaboudit.

    Didja know Ken Cuccinelli was born in New Jersey?  What exit, yew ask?  Edison, exit 10 off da Turnpike. It’s in Middlesex County, but don’t get da wrong idea.

    Look, dere’s nuttin’ wrong wit’ bein’ a carpet-bagger.  George Allen came from the frickin’ L.A. burbs and dat didn’t stop ’em from wearin’ cowboy boots and chewin’ tobacco like somebody outta Hee Haw.  Bob McDonnell is from Philly, for chrissake.  E.W. Jackson is from Massachusetts — heart of da’ freakin’ Confederacy!

    Yew gotta problem wit’ dat?  Cooch is a Jersey boy, and dat’s dat.  You can take da boy outta Jersey, but ya can’t take da Jersey outta da boy. An’ he shouldn’ be ashamed of it.  He outta be campaignin’ every day wit’ freakin’ Snooki by his side.  

    Give da guy a break.  Put him in office, bada-bing, he’ll make Virginia look just like Jersey — freeways, toxic waste dumps, beaches fulla hypodermic needles.

    Dat’s wut I’m talkin’ ’bout!  I’m standin’ wit’ da Jersey boy.  Whachulookinat?

    • Edison, NJ is nicknamed “Birthplace of the Modern World,” as that’s where Thomas Edison – one of the greatest scientists in human history – did much of his work. So why “irony?” Because Ken Kookinelli is ANTI-SCIENCE! Oh, and he also wants to take us back to the Dark Ages, and I think it’s fair to say that he’s not a big fan of the “modern world.”  In other words, Ken Kookinelli may be FROM Edison, NJ, but he’s not OF Edison, NJ – at least not in spirit.

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      The position that Cooch campaign is trying make will fall on deaf ears.  The majority of people who now reside in the good old commonwealth ain’t from here…they will allenate a good portion of,the voting folks.