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Former RPV Chair Kate Obenshain: Planned Parenthood “Barbarians;” Colleges “Indoctrination Camps”


Young America Foundation VP Kate Obenshain – formerly an “appointee of Governors George Allen and Jim Gilmore on the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia,”also “chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia from 2002 to 2006” and “Senator George Allen’s Chief of Staff for the remainder of his term in the U.S. Senate following the Senator’s loss” – speaks at the far-right-wing “Faith and Freedom Coalition” conference yesterday in Washington DC.

In this clip, Obenshain calls Planned Parenthood “barbarians” who are “promoting a barbaric philosophy.” She also claims that everythying on college campuses is “oriented towards promoting the billion dollar abortion industry…it’s not about the right of women to control their bodies, it’s about the right of Planned Parenthood to make billions and billions.” She concludes that “our college campuses are indoctrination camps for the abortion industry…that’s what it is.”

Of course, that’s not what college is about at all, nor is that what “sensitivity training” and everything else Obenshain’s ranting and raving about. But, like so many right wingnuts, Obenshain never lets facts and reality get in the way of her loony-tunes narrative.  

  • According to former RPV Chair Obenshain, “I know how politicians think…they think pragmatically, they think about how are they going to win the next election, no matter what they love holding on to that power.” Obenshain threatens that if Republican politicians “abandon the pro-life position,” they will lose the “miniscule portion” of “Black America and Hispanic America” who take the “pro-life” position. Obenshain concludes, “If we abandon that, I guarantee those politicians that a lot of us will stay home, we will not go for the lesser of two evils anymore.” Hmmmmmmm…

  • totallynext

    For a gun permit!  God, they truly have lots their freaking minds.

  • His speech, summarized: lots of cliches, recitation of patriotic words and lyrics, and most of all the setting up of straw men of his own warped imagining (e.g., that faith and freedom are under “attack” in this country – a laughable lie), then to rail against those straw men, then to listen as the gullible/clueless crowd gets all worked up as he attacks said straw men. It’s pathetic on one level, funny on another, and frightening on another…

  • libra

    is one heck of expensive way of getting your indoctrination. Much better to stay at home and watch Faux News.

    Often and often I thought that GOP should change its mascot from elephant to peacock, with the motto being: stupid and proud of it.

  • AnonymousIsAWoman

    Back in 2006, Kate Obenshain was involved in a very messy divorce case that rocked the RPVA because  Kate was the one who initiated the divorce proceedings, which were very acrimonious. Virginia Republicans were both shocked and disturbed because she was a staunch family values supporter and a rising star in the Virginia Republican Party, not to mention her legendary family name in the state GOP.  

    The fall-out from this bitter divorce continued into last year when her former husband was back in court accusing her lawyer of having lied during the trial.

    In any case, Ms. Obenshain is hardly the one to be lecturing anybody, let alone college students, about moral decay and family values.

  • Glen Tomkins

    Planned Parenthood makes billions and billions?!

    Damn, they keep hitting me up for money all the time, and now we find out they’re richer than the Koch brothers.  Next time they call, I’m going to ask them to send me some money from the billions and billions they earn in that lucrative abortion industry.

    You wouldn’t think that there was billions and billions to be made providing abortions, so the only explanation I can think of is that Planned Parenthood must have bought themselves one of the bishop’s books and put the Prosperity Gospel into practice.  That will turn any venture profitable, literally overnight.

    Well, that’s the only possible explanation aside from Obenshain and the bishop being nuts.  And what are the odds on that?