A Happy Ending to the Star Scientific Affair


    Star Scientific molecule photo 130825Anatabloc_zps34c14168.jpgIt is actually quite simple. Maureen could leave Bob for Jonnie. Ken could become ordained in a ministry that can deny the Pope’s authority and wisdom, become confessor to Maureen and Jonnie, then preside over their nuptials. Bob could wash his hands of the entire affair. Done, done, and done.

    It has been there all along. As the “facts” ooze forth it becomes more and more apparent, if you accept their versions, that Maureen and Jonnie are close confidants who have mingled their treasure with the pleasure of their company; already as close to marriage as it gets. If you are to believe their stories it seems they share more than Bob and Maureen have with each other of late. The kids are grown and out of the house, after all. Ken Cuccinelli benefitted from their association and must know more than he reveals. Bob just seems challenged to recognize any form of impropriety and, keeping those blinders properly fitted, can rationalize just about anything life throws at him.

    Think of the benefits they accrue. Neither Ken nor Maureen nor Jonnie can be forced to testify against the other. Ken can jettison any Roman Catholic values he finds inconvenient and, to the benefit of running mate E. J. Jackson, dismiss Pope Francis’s remark that “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?” As for Bob, well beyond the fact he has established he knows nothing about his wife’s financial affairs, we have come to learn that all that time at Notre Dame and Regent University did little to orient his moral compass; it remains, it seems, pointing in one self-serving direction.

    Having already proven they are unperturbed standing in this swill, trading places shouldn’t bother them in the least.  

    • …Maureen/Jonnie, Maureen/Chef, even Bob/Chef. I haven’t put much stock in any of these, but it’s fascinating what rumors are floating around out there in the Virginia political world.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      I have just one or two questions about Maureen and Jonnie and their relationship. How many “family friends” do you know who take a man’s wife to New York and shower her with designer clothes just because they are “good friends”? And, how many husbands and wives handle their personal finances in such a way that the wife can buy $50,000 worth of stock and subsequently sell it (at a loss) without her husband knowing anything about it?  

      Hmmm. If Maureen and Bob are having some marital problems, perhaps that would explain how quickly the guv and his cronies have thrown Maureen “under the bus.” If not, then Bob is one selfish bas**rd saving his own neck at her expense. After all, the ex-cheerleader wasn’t the one in a position to wield the power of the Governor’s Mansion to assist Jonnie the con-man. All three are guilty of blatant corruption. As is the Commonwealth’s “lawyer,” Ken Cuccinelli.