Republican Governor’s Association “Logic”: Mark Obenshain is One of the Worst Liars Ever?


    According to the Republican Governor’s Association (on behalf of the Ken Cuccinelli campaign), “Terry McAuliffe has been in politics his entire adult life. That’s why he just can’t tell the truth.” So, let’s get this straight: if you’ve been in politics your “entire adult life,” then you “just can’t tell the truth.” Of course, that’s ridiculous, but let’s just go with it for a minute and apply it to Virginia Republican Attorney General candidate Mark Obenshain. Here’s what Obenshain says about himself on his very own website.

    Growing up in a home in which the discussion of politics was standard fare around the dinner table each night, the son of the man often dubbed the architect of the modern Republican Party of Virginia, Mark developed a passion for politics and a zeal for public service early in life

    Mark has been politically active practically his entire life. He has served as the chairman of two Republican committees, has been a delegate to every Republican state convention since 1980, and was a member of Virginia’s delegation to the 1980 Republican National Convention, which nominated Ronald Reagan. Mark has worked on the campaigns of virtually every Republican nominee for state and local office since he began practicing law in Harrisonburg in 1987, and he serves as the President of the Richard D. Obenshain Foundation, which provides the Republican Party of Virginia with the building that is its permanent home.

    That’s right, Obenshain hasn’t just been active politically his entire adult life. He’s been active politically “practically his entire life,” in his own words. Now, personally I think that’s fine. But according to the RGA and Obenshain’s running mate, Ken Cuccinelli, it is REALLY bad news. Why? Because if Terry McAuliffe “just can’t tell the truth” (aka, is a liar) as a result of him being involved in politics his “entire adult life,” then Mark Obenshain must be one of the worst liars EVER, having proudly admitted to being involved in politics “practically his entire life.” Hmmmm.

    P.S. Of course, Ken Cuccinelli himself has been involved in politics most of his adult life. But then again, we already knew HE was a liar.

    • southernvadem

      Report: Cuccinelli Urges McDonnell To Call Special Session On Ethics Laws

      Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate and state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) urged Gov. Bob McDonnell Monday to call a special legislative session to address “severe holes” in the state’s ethics laws–an issue that has plagued both Republicans the last few months.

      “Trust is something that is easy to lose and hard to recover,” Cuccinelli said in an interview with The Washington Post after a meeting with McDonnell. “I think the longer we let this go, the more difficult it is for Virginians to achieve the level of faith in their government that I think they’re accustomed to. And I think that’s something we can achieve if we move quickly.”

    • From the McAuliffe campaign:

      While a growing number of Republicans and business leaders across Virginia are joining in support of Terry McAuliffe, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, has tried to change the subject from the focus on his extreme ideological agenda, and the litany of ethics scandals he’s been involved in by launching misleading attacks against Terry McAuliffe.

      McAuliffe’s spokesperson Josh Schwerin responded to Cuccinelli’s most recent attack ad, stating, “Ken Cuccinelli is launching another misleading attack on Terry McAuliffe because he doesn’t want to discuss his own extreme agenda and refusal to repay Jonnie Williams and Star Scientific for $18,000 in gifts and trips. While Terry is garnering Republican endorsements for his mainstream approach, Cuccinelli continues to fail to explain why he refused to support the Violence Against Women Act, and refuses to back down from his opposition to the bipartisan transportation compromise and the help he gave to out-of-state energy companies in their lawsuit against Virginia landowners.”  

    • kindler

      What’s left?  Oh yeah, the Church…