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Video: Ken Cuccinelli Dodges VA Press Questions on Global Warming, CONSOL, “Father’s Rights,” etc.


I just got back from the fossil-fuel-funded “Consumer Energy Alliance” forum in Arlington, and it was basically as much of a travesty as I said it would be. I’ve got a bunch of video uploading now, but for the time being, check out the post-forum “press scrum,” during which Cuccinelli dodges repeated questions on global warming, his involvement in the CONSOL Energy scandal, his involvement with the “fathers’ rights” movement, etc, etc.  As he’s made evident throughout this campaign – and certainly, as you’ll see, during his “Big Lie” presentation at the forum today, the guy simply can’t tell the truth on anything. Just lie lie lie, dodge dodge doge, excuse excuse excuse, attack attack attack. That’s it. That’s all Cooch has to say for himself.  No positive agenda. Angry at the press for asking him legitimate questions. Completely unable to stay on topic or keep his stories straight. What a pathetic joke this guy is. Let’s just make sure his political career comes to a screeching, ignominious halt on November 5!

  • No wonder why Cuckoo is freaking out.

    Virginia Survey Results

    Q1 The candidates for Governor are Republican Ken Cuccinelli, Democrat Terry McAuliffe, and Libertarian Robert Sarvis. If the election was today, who would you vote for?

    Ken Cuccinelli 37%

    Terry McAuliffe 44%

    Robert Sarvis 9%

  • From the Virginia Sierra Club:

    Arlington, VA — Today, following a forum on energy issues at George Mason University Law School, Attorney General and Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Ken Cuccinelli repeatedly refused to state his position on climate change. It is a dramatic departure from Cuccinelli’s long and infamous record of not just denying climate science, but from using taxpayer funds and resources to attack those who teach it at places like the University of Virginia.

    Virginia Sierra Club Director Glen Besa Released the Following Statement in Response:

    “You’ve got to be kidding. Whether it was wasting taxpayer dollars on a witch hunt attacking climate science at UVA or denying climate change at every turn, Cuccinelli has left a trail of anti-science invective behind him that is miles long. Now, he apparently thinks he can hide from a simple Google search that would reveal the facts.

    The truth is evident, and its not hard to find. It’s in the headlines that embarrassed our Commonwealth because of Cuccinelli’s endless extreme statements —  and it’s in Cuccinelli’s record of wasting our time and money on reckless ideological crusades against climate science. Virginians won’t be fooled by Cuccinelli’s climate denial denial.”