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Murphy Shows, Comstock Doesn’t


From the Kathlen Murphy for delegate campaign, the bottom line is that Barbara Comstock is terrified to debate her, and is hiding behind the cowardly excuse that a handful of gun safety protestors would have messed up the whole debate. For all her reputation as a Republican attack dog, Comstock’s more like a kitty cat or maybe a lap dog.

McLean, Va. – Over the past two weeks the voters have seen what Barbara Comstock really thinks about the constituents of the 34th District. Not much.

On October 2nd, Delegate Barbara Comstock avoided attending the League of Women Voters candidate forum. Democratic candidate Kathleen Murphy attended and took questions from interested voters for nearly 2 hours.

It is clear why Comstock doesn’t want to attend.  Her voting record shows who she really represents: The Cuccinelli-conservatives who voted against funding for the bipartisan transportation solutions, who voted against funding for education, and who voted against women’s rights.

Once again tonight, Del. Comstock was able to duck being held accountable for her extreme positions at the Great Falls Community Association debate.

Comstock is lucky she didn’t have to answer for her full-throated support of the gun lobby.  It would be hard to defend voting for guns in bars and supporting repealing the one gun a month law.

For Kathleen Murphy, preventing gun violence is personal.  “I lost a brother when he was shot and killed by a robber with a gun.  I know the pain that victims of this type of senseless violence go through.”

That is why Kathleen is for common sense measures like expanded background checks which can help keep our children and communities safe.  “I am running for the House of Delegates to represent the interests and priorities of the people of the 34th district.  Once again, Barbara Comstock has avoided being held accountable for her record of voting against us.”

  • From the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence:

    Great Falls, Virginia-Facing a protest by the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV), Concerned Citizens Against Gun Violence (CCAGV) and Virginians for Responsible Gun Laws (VRGL), Delegate Barbara Comstock canceled a debate with 34th District challenger Kathleen Murphy at the Great Falls Grange on Tuesday night. The protesters-90% of whom were Comstock’s constituents-had come to the Grange to demand that she stop hiding from her record on guns and provide clear answers to questions about universal background checks on gun purchasers, the carrying of loaded weapons in bars, and other critical issues.

    Eric Knudsen, president of the Great Falls Citizens Association (GFCA), which was to host the debate, claimed that police had issued demonstration permits that were expected to bring “a few hundred extra people” to the event. In truth, the permit obtained by CCAGV was for just 15 people.

    Comstock’s campaign manager, Susan Falconer, echoed this myth about “overcrowing,” sending a statement to the Patch newspapers that read: “Clearly the Great Falls Citizens Association did not appreciate this attempt by outsiders to overtake and overrun their debate. GFCA decided to work on rescheduling the debate so they could keep with their tradition of having a civilized debate where all issues relevant to the Great Falls community can be discussed.”

    “Apparently, Delegate Comstock does not think that public safety and the prevention of gun-related violence is a ‘relevant’ issue,” said CSGV organizer and Virginia Tech survivor Lori Haas. “Her constituents beg to differ, and they were disappointed that she didn’t have the courage to face them last night and explain her voting record.”

    Since being elected in 2009, Delegate Comstock has voted for legislation to block public access to information about concealed handgun permits, repeal the monthly purchase limit on handguns, and allow guns in bars. The NRA gave her an ‘A’ rating in 2011 and 2013.

    “Delegate Comstock can run, but she can’t hide,” said Haas. “We will be there at every public event she holds. Sooner or later, she will have to explain why she has voted for bad legislation that has put her constituents in harm’s way.”