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Democrats Retake Control of Virginia State Senate


And with “Landslide Lynwood” Lewis’ 11-vote victory in the special election to replace Lt. Governor Ralph Northam, Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw can now fulfill his vow to “redo that whole damn joint!” 🙂

  • va_lady2008

    Yet another taxpayer funded recount with no change in the outcome. What this supports is, GOTP claims notwithstanding, there is little if any “voter fraud.” What little there is seems to be (mostly) people going to the wrong polling station, because they were redistricted. And just who, exactly redistricted them?  That will be the true perpetrators of voter fraud, the Republican Party.  

  • Sealed the Deal: Senator-elect Lynwood Lewis

    RICHMOND– Today, the Sixth Senate District certified a victory for Senator-elect Lynwood Lewis.

    “Congratulations to Senator-elect Lynwood Lewis,” said DPVA Chair Charniele Herring. “These last few months have been a whirlwind. Since November we’ve swept three statewide races and now regained control of the Virginia Senate.”

    “Virginia Democrats should be proud of their hard work and unrelenting dedication to the Commonwealth. We look forward to Senator-elect Lewis serving in Virginia’s Senate and thank him for his service while a member of the Virginia House of Delegates.”

    Democratic Leader Dick Saslaw thanks the efforts of everyone connected with the recount. “Lynwood Lewis brings a wealth of experience to the Senate.  The people of the 6th Senate District will continue to be well served.  We look forward to having Lynwood sworn in and taking his seat soon.”

    Senator Donald McEachin also added his congratulations saying, “Senator-Elect Lewis will be a welcome addition to our Caucus and will be an able successor to Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam. This close election is yet another reminder that every vote counts and we’ll continue to work hard to ensure every Virginian’s right to vote.”

    “I want to congratulate my colleague Lynwood Lewis for officially winning the 6th District Senate race,” said Democratic House Leader David Toscano. “Having worked with Lynwood for several years in the House, I am confident that he will continue to work hard for the people of his district and the Commonwealth. I look forward to working with Senator-elect Lewis to ensure that we keep the 100th House District in Democratic control.”

    “I want to congratulate Lynwood Lewis for his victory in the 6th District Senate race,” said Democratic House Chair Mark Sickles. “I’ve served with Lynwood for the past 10 years in the House and will miss him greatly. I know that he will continue to fight for the people of his district with great distinction in the other body.”  


  • Statement from Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam on Senator-elect Lynwood Lewis

    Contact: Office of the Lieutenant Governor: Clark Mercer

    January 27, 2014

    Lieutenant Governor Northam issued the following statement upon conclusion of today’s recount in the Sixth Senate District:

    Congratulations to Lynwood Lewis on his election as the next Senator from the Sixth Senate District of Virginia. I was very pleased to hear that Senator-elect Lewis’ victory was upheld today during the recount, and I want to also thank Wayne Coleman for running in this special election.

    It is also important to take a moment and recognize all the election officials and volunteers that participated in this process-  it is critical to our democracy that all votes are properly counted, and we owe our election officials and volunteers a debt of gratitude for the time they spend overseeing our elections.

    I look forward to the Sixth District being represented by Senator-elect Lewis and, again, I congratulate him and am looking forward to his joining the Senate.

  • Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe released the following statement on the 6th Senate District election results:

    “I’d like to congratulate Lynwood Lewis for his victory in Virginia’s 6th Senate District election and commend Wayne Coleman for participating in this process with professionalism and respect.  I am glad that the process of filling each vacant seat in the General Assembly is now complete and I look forward to working with Lynwood and members of both parties in the General Assembly to tackle the challenges facing Virginia’s economy and communities.”

  • Constable Fraser

    Wasn’t there a Coleman who ran for statewide office years and years ago?  Or has memory failed me?