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Ken Cuccinelli Needs Your Advice: Should He Appear on The Daily Show?


The purpose would be to discuss Cuccinelli’s new Virginia Self Defense Law firm, the purpose of which is to defend your 2nd Amendment rights, so that you don’t end up like George Zimmerman or whatever. So what do you think? Take the poll and we’ll see…

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  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Definitely do NOT appear on The Daily Show. It relies on wit, a sense of irony, and a normal view of people and politics, none of which you possess.You would simply become part of a skit showing just how stupid your policy positions are. The rest of us Virginians are ashamed enough that you have held public office in the Commonwealth. Don’t embarrass us any more, please. PLEASE!

  • glennbear

    Their twisted logic is evident in this passage from their website :

    “We at Virginia Self Defense Law know that Guns save lives. Well, we don’t save lives, we save lifesavings! Our retainer Agreement could save you and your family from going bankrupt for merely defending yourself.”

    So devices (guns) that are designed to kill other human beings actually save lives. Please excuse me while my head explodes.

  • mikoglaces

    I so hope he accepts.  It would be awesome.

  • demomatic

    They’re doing very well. The gun nuts are always imagining what they would do- if they “had” to shoot somebody. What a money making scheme!

    Now all somebody has to do is start up a similar fund for those afraid they’ll be shot by the gun nuts!

    What lunacy.

    Go on the Daily Show, Cooch- you’re not running for anything anymore.