Missed Opportunity


    Luckily while all the wrangling was taking place yesterday regarding filings for the DPVA chairmanship, I was watching my son, a junior in high school, play in his first high school baseball game.  He has tried out for the appropriate level high school team since he became eligible…his 8th grade year.  He’d been cut each time-first cut, every year. He’s continued to play baseball on travel baseball teams in an effort to improve his skills. He told me in January, “I’m not going to try out this year. Coach is never going to  choose me to be on the team.”  It was his decision to make and I told him I’d support whatever decision he made.

    About a week before tryouts, he came home with the Virginia High School League physical form, handed it to me, and said, “Can you get me a doc’s appointment so I can get this physical?  I’m going to try out for the team.”  Tryouts this year were torturous and extended because it seemed every other day weather caused another day off school…  After three days, he had survived the first cut.  Then more weather delays and finally on Monday, he learned he’d made the team after six days of tryouts over a two-week period.

    We, as a group, those in opposition to Mayor Jones’ candidacy for the Chair of the Democratic Party of Virginia weren’t so successful.  There were rants and raves about Governor McAuliffe nominating someone who doesn’t support equality for all.  Pressure  was building, the grassroots was speaking out, folks writing blog posts, seeking signatures for petitions,  some committees writing resolutions, but in the end, we folded.  We didn’t find a candidate to run against Mayor Jones and so we will end up with a figurehead as our Chair.  Not someone who has the time to work to improve the DPVA.  Not someone who even believes in the basic tenet of equality for all.

    Anyone who has had a child play high school sports knows how political it can be. It is political here, has a lot to do with the clique you are in, the people you know.  My son overcame the politics by working hard to improve his skills and by not being afraid to stand up to the “establishment.”   I’m very proud of him

    I’m not so proud of those of us who stood in opposition to Mayor Jones’ candidacy.  Some were willing to voice their opposition publicly.  Some weren’t.  I was told by one person, “It would be suicide to buck the establishment.”  Maybe so, but at what point do we as the grassroots stand in solidarity to say enough is enough, “This is our party.”  The opportunity was before us and we struck out.  An opportunity missed that may not present itself again for a long time.    


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