Barbara Kanninen Wins Dem Nomination for Arlington County School Board by 18 Votes


    I just got back from Washington-Lee High School, and video will be coming shortly, but here are the results of yet another extremely close Arlington County School Board Democratic nomination election. As Arlington County Democratic Committee chair Kip Malinosky said, we had three excellent candidates for School Board. Congratulations to Barbara Kanninen on her victory tonight (and onward to victory in the general election in November!), and let’s hope the other two super-talented candidates stay involved in the Arlington County schools.

    Total: 3,723 votes cast (note: Instant Runoff Voting was used in this election, which is why vote totals differ in Rounds #1 and #2 and votes were reallocated based on people’s ranked preferences)

    Round 1:

    Barbara Kanninen (1,549 votes)

    Nancy Van Doren (1,329 votes)

    Greg Greeley (839 votes)

    Round 2:

    Barbara Kanninen (1,812 votes)

    Nancy Van Doren (1,794 votes)

    UPDATE: Here are the cross-tabs courtesy of head teller Peter Owen.

    Kanninen (only) 191, Kanninen/Van Doren 794, Kanninen/Greeley 564, Van Doren (only) 200, Van Doren/Greeley 583, Van Doren/Kanninen 546, Greeley (only) 111, Greeley/Van Doren 465, Greeley/Kanninen 263; no vote 2, disputed 4. Total votes received: 3723.

    • Barbara Kanninen, a parent and Arlington public schools leader, has been elected the Democratic endorsee for the November General Election to fill the Arlington County School Board seat being vacated by Sally Baird.

      Kanninen won with 1,812 votes cast during the second and decisive round of the caucus.  Nancy Van Doren received 1,794 votes. In the first round of the caucus, Kanninen received 1,549, Van Doren received 1,329 and Greg Greeley received 839.  The caucus was held Thursday May 15 and Saturday May 17 by the Arlington County Democratic Committee (ACDC). The total number of votes received was 3,723.

      A dedicated parent and community leader who lives with her family in the Rock Springs neighborhood of North Arlington, Barbara has a strong record of activism in support of our public schools and a positive vision for carrying our school system into the future. Barbara and her husband, Kevin Wolf, have lived in Arlington for 20 years. Their two sons, Fred and Markus, are in 12th and 9th grade at Yorktown High School and also attend the Career Center. Barbara’s professional and personal background gives her a unique set of strengths to bring to the Arlington School Board.

      Barbara is a Ph.D. economist, children’s book author, and 20-year volunteer in Arlington and DC schools. Her experience includes multiple PTA jobs, serving as committee chair, coaching kids, and volunteering in the classroom, often getting on the floor reading books, and helping kids learn math and science.  Barbara currently serves on the County Board’s Fiscal Affairs Advisory Committee and works with the Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth, and Families. I’m on the School Board’s Advisory Council on Instruction and the Board of YULA, the Youth Ultimate League of Arlington.  For more information, visit the campaign website: http://www.barbarakanninenfors

      Arlington County Democratic Chairman Kip Malinosky issued the following statement regarding the vote:

      Kip Malinosky: “Arlington Democrats were fortunate to have three outstanding candidates vying for our School Board endorsement.  All three are extremely knowledgeable in their policy breadth and depth and all three ran outstanding campaigns.  While we are sad to be able to only endorse one, we are thrilled to endorse Barbara Kanninen.  She has an outstanding record of involvement in our schools and community. She will join Senator Mark Warner, our 8th Congressional District nominee and our County Board nominee, Alan Howze, on the November 4, 2014.”

    • Van Doren Congratulates Kanninen on Democratic Endorsement for Arlington School Board, Vows to Continue to Champion Educational Excellence for All APS Students

      ARLINGTON, VA., (May 18, 2014) – After a positive, intense campaign, Nancy Van Doren congratulated Barbara Kanninen for winning the Arlington Democratic Party’s endorsement for School Board. Van Doren also congratulated Greg Greeley on running a positive, competitive campaign.

      Kanninen won with 1,812 votes during the second and decisive round of the Caucus and Nancy Van Doren received 1,794 votes. In the first round of the Caucus, Kanninen received 1,549, Van Doren received 1,329 and Greg Greeley received 839. The total numbers of votes received was 3,723.

      Van Doren thanked Arlington voters and campaign supporters, and vowed to continue to advocate for educational excellence for all children in Arlington Public Schools.

      “My campaign – and in fact much of my life in the last decade – has been focused on ensuring all Arlington students receive the highest quality education so that all of our children can reach their potential,” said Van Doren.

      “I wholeheartedly support Barbara in the upcoming general election as she faces the challenges in our school system,” Van Doren said.

      Van Doren promised to continue her efforts as a parent advocate to strongly support our highly qualified teachers, strengthen family involvement, and work to close the achievement gap with improved reading instruction.

      “Our community needs to work together to face the challenge of continuing to improve educational outcomes while working with the county to find space for our growing student population,” said Van Doren. “We need to strongly support all our elected officials in getting this job done.”

      “It’s clear that Arlington cares deeply about its children, said Van Doren. “I believe we’ll make the decisions necessary to make our schools the best they can be for all students.”

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