Tea Partier Susan Stimpson Blames Bill “ALEC” Howell for Virginia Gasoline Tax Hike


    (P.S. I should add that Stimpson is wrong on the merits of this issue, as we should very much be taxing fossil fuels, given their massive (and negative) environmenal and health “externalities.” The fact is, gasoline is super cheap in this country, and would cost a LOT more if all those externalities were incorporated into their price. Also, if we ditched all the direct and indirect subsidies for these fuels, they also would cost a lot more. Of course, the Tea Partiers like Stimpson don’t want to talk about any of that…or climate change…or much of anything important. – promoted by lowkell)

    This is true to an extent, except that Virginia House Speaker Bill “ALEC” Howell’s Tea Party challenger, Susan Stimpson, ignores: a) U.S. Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s role in preventing the Marketplace Fairness Act from passing, which would have obviated the Virginia gasoline tax increase that takes effect today; and b) the fact that dozens of Republicans voted for the 2013 Virginia transportation bill, and that Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell signed it into law. Still, it’s always fun watching a fellow Republican bash Speaker ALEC, who personifies the clientelist “capture” of our government by corporate interests.

    • Bumble Bee

      After having lived in Virginia for almost 70 years I have come to the reluctant conclusion that it is a thoroughly corrupt state and it is primarily the white rural population that makes it that way.  

    • scott_r

      …this is really kind of sad.  The idea that we should use retail consumption taxes to subsidize automobiles is – or ought to be – an anathema to those of us who claim to care about the environment and sensible development.  

      Too bad the new gas tax isn’t 1) a percentage so that it self-indexes to inflation 2) much larger (particularly given the plummeting price of oil right now).  

      But yeah, pass the popcorn.  If she takes him down, she’s going to be even worse than he is.  

    • CADeminVA

      As little enthusiasm as ALEC generates, Ms. Stimpson’s former colleagues on the Stafford BoS have already deployed to stop her, viz. Cord Sterling, the erstwhile “mastermind” of the Stafford GOP firing off derogatory e-mails regarding her lack of political virtue to the Free-Lance Star.

      I really think that if they’re going to have a primary, there’s an opportunity for a (for want of a better term), non-corrupt, “Classical” Republican to get in the race and let Stimpson have all the wingnuts and ALEC have all the corporate pimps. Of course, you’d need to start with about a half million dollars, but hey, there’s an opportunity and there are enough Democrats and Independents who would vote in such a primary to decide the outcome.

    • campaignman

      We need a national gas tax increase of 50 cents over 5 years and we need to link future raises to inflation.  

      It would raise critical funds for roads and bridges, while being barely noticeable.  That’s just 10 cents a year.  Would anyone really care if they had to pay $2.20 instead of $2.10 given how long we’ve been paying $4.00 or more?