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Virginia News Headlines: Sunday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, March 29. Also, check out that photo of the supposedly “moderate” Republican, Hal Parrish, who’s running for Chuck Colgan’s State Senate seat, posing happily with one of the craziest, most extreme politicians in Virginia…or anywhere in the country, really.

*Arab summit vows support for Yemen’s leader

*Co-pilot who crashed jet reported feeling pressured

*When to expect more 2016 announcements

*McAuliffe: A loftier vision for public service (“I am firmly committed to taking a meaningful step forward on ethical government every year of my term until we reach our goal.”)

*Schapiro: Ethics debate could ripple into the fall (“Republicans don’t want to give McAuliffe a victory. But they’re leery about handing him a defeat. They worry that rejecting the amendments when the General Assembly returns for its spring session April 15 will supply Democrats with a potent talking point in the fall elections and beyond.”)

*Challenge to Howell illustrates GOP split (“Dave Brat’s stunning primary defeat of U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor last year has emboldened the Virginia GOP’s conservative wing to rise against the party’s establishment.”)

*Cigarette trafficking spawning other crimes and possibly violence

*Smoking pot in D.C. could cost Va. workers their jobs (That’s ridiculous.)

*A silver lining at U-Va. (“Rolling Stone’s failings notwithstanding, the uproar caused needed soul-searching about the university’s approach to sexual assault cases.”)

*In Virginia ABC arrest numbers, tilt is toward buyers rather than sellers (Should definitely be the other way around.)

*Virginia State Bar boycotts Israel (Not sure what to make of this, but doesn’t sound good.)

*Time for courage on light rail plans (“Virginia Beach’s City Council has spent too long cowering before a loud but small group whose blinkered vision for the city involves time travel to the 1960s. Or the 1950s.”)

*Racial disparities exists in probation violation penalties, reports show (“More whites than blacks who are charged with probation violations get a break when they go before circuit court judges, case status records from 2014 suggest”)

*In the path of Route 460: New route likely to displace homes, businesses

*Tech Board of Visitors to take up tuition and budget issues

*One more chilly day before temperatures turn springlike

  • Pence really really REALLY doesn’t want to answer direct, simple questions about the anti-LGBT law he just signed. Shocker.

  • Candidate Traci Dippert showed up to the student-packed halls of Dodd Auditorium to emphasize the importance of student voices at the Divest UMW sit-in on the Fredericksburg campus of the University of Mary Washington at 2:30 p.m., Sunday, March 29.

    “An education without a future is nothing… divestment is your future and I applaud your demands for it… I will continue to stand with you in the senate… America is watching and there is power in being right,” Dippert announced to UMW students.

    Dippert was fully applauded by a crowd of passionate and sleep deprived students that have spent over three nights in the cramped halls of their universities President’s office demanding a plan for coal industry divestment by the end of the 2016 Spring semester.

    “We fight tooth and nail to get recognized so it is really important to us that you are here today. How do you view the importance of student grassroots organizations?” asked Rabib Hansan, co-chair of DivestUMW.

    “We have hired someone at UMW on the grounds to help you all,” replied Dippert, “that’s how important it is to us… the youth are the future and having you guys engaged at this age is going to make the future more important. When people don’t vote we usually settle, but taking action and seeing that future is just so exciting.”

    “We are also setting up a national campaign to escalate students on college campuses,”   notes Hasan who, along with other DivestUMW and UMW students, is working to build this movement from the ground up. They are the voice for thousands affected by climate change who have not  been able to be heard.

    Dippert will be at the sit-in until 6 p.m. this evening talking to students and showing just how much she supports their cause and movement.