Home Media Video: Another #FAIL by National Political Media in Jim Webb Interview

Video: Another #FAIL by National Political Media in Jim Webb Interview


Typical #FAIL from the national political media: 1) lots of “horse race” and “process” crap; 2) trying to provoke Webb to say negative things about Hillary Clinton via simplistic/idiotic questions (to his credit, Webb didn’t take the bait); 3) trying to get a scoop by asking about the hot-button Confederate flag issue (that one prompted a lengthy answer by Webb about how “complicated” the South was, how most whites didn’t own slaves but were manipulated by wealthy slaveowners, blah blah); and worst of all 4) ZERO questions about the most important issues that will face the next president — climate change, economic inequality and sustainable prosperity, America’s crumbling infrastructure, education, trade, foreign policy (although they did ask about Iran, it’s a question Webb’s answered before so nothing new there), health care, criminal justice reform, racism, guns, etc, etc., etc. So lame; why are these people national political reporters at all if they won’t ask pertinent, important, substantive questions of the people they interview?

  • campaignman

    Some national reporters are not up to the task of interviewing candidates.  They simply don’t know much about the subjects that are relevant and are unable to craft questions that would educate the public.  That is a failing of the people hiring them just for their good looks or other superficial benefits.

    Some national reporters are limited by what their producers want them to ask to make sure they get the most viewers or clicks.  The producers are looking for a question and answer or two or three to provoke a response that would go viral.  The producers are, of course, doing that because their jobs require it.

    For instance, reporters could ask what they would do to fight the organized effort to convince the public that there is some scientific doubt about climate change, the way there was an organized effort to create doubt about the dangers of smoking and being exposed to second hand smoke.  

    Of course, that would mean they are aware of that fact.  There is no certainty of that.  Moreover, even if they are, their producers must believe the answer would be a boring intellectual response and not a claim that people are crossing through our non-existent border security to rape our women, children and livestock.