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Donald Trump’s Virginia State Chair: “We will kick their asses out of the country” [UPDATED]


UPDATED 6/6/16: Since we broke this story on Friday, at least two publications, including the Republican Times-Disgrace (aka, “Richmond Times-Dispatch”) have reported on this story as well, without crediting Blue Virginia as first reporting it. #journalisticethicsFAIL Also, Corey Stewart seems to be enjoying whatever press he gets. Check out his latest Facebook comment (bolding added by me for emphasis).

Got some more press for my plans to “kick the asses” of illegals out of the country. Some people think that’s too harsh. We have millions of illegals in this country who are killing, raping, assaulting and robbing innocent American citizens. When they are apprehended, the Feds tell local law enforcement to let them go.

When it comes to illegal immigration, the Republican establishment is no different than the Democrat establishment. They don’t want to “offend” anyone. When Ed Gillespie was Chief Counsel in George Bush’s White House, we tried to get him order the deportations of the illegals we were sending them. Not only did they refuse, but they lied about it, and would not disclose to us what they did with the 7,500 illegals we handed them. We found out later that the illegals, many of whom had committed serious violent crimes, were released to repeat crimes against our families. That’s harsh. Harsh on law abiding citizens. Harsh on our families. Harsh on America.


Yes, this Corey Stewart character is Donald Trump’s Virginia chair, also a likely Republican candidate for governor in 2017. For more background on Stewart, see Agenda 21 and Republican Candidate for Lt. Governor Corey Stewart, Corey Stewart Offers His “Thoughts” on Marriage Equality, Latino Basher and Virginia GOP LG Candidate Corey Stewart: “I detest the word ‘minority outreach’”, Immigrants Are Not Criminals; Corey Stewart’s Comments “Mostly False”, “Return of the Nativist”: Anti-Latino Rabble Rouser Corey Stewart Running for Virginia LG, Corey Stewart to Homeless Prince William County Flood Victims: Fend For Yourselves!, “9500 Liberty” Filmmaker on Corey Stewart’s Continuing “culture war”, etc, etc. So yeah, this guy’s the PERFECT for Team Trump! Ugh.

P.S. Just to be clear, as I’ve already posted numerous times on Twitter, Facebook, this blog, etc. — there is never ANY excuse for violence in politics, period. None. It’s also really stupid, in the sense that it could turn Trump and his supporters into victims themselves. Instead, the answer is peaceful, non-violent resistance (look to Martin Luther King, Jr., the Freedom Riders, etc. as examples), including VOTING this November!

  • Video: Sen. Elizabeth Warren rips Trump U, says Donald Trump is a “proven failure” at business


    • FrankUnderwoodSr

      Another attack on Donald Trump because he isn’t a good enough businessman? Really? Is that the best way to take to Donald Trump? He only made a few billions with his businesses, but I guess that isn’t good enough. I suppose she has no problem with the Clintons making themselves rich with influence peddling via the corruption of the State Dept, Now THAT is a pretty good business, at least for the Clintons. Sheesh…. is this the best way to win an election?

  • Video: One of the smartest Americans (Neil DeGrasse Tyson) demolishes some of the dumbest Americans (Trump supporters)


    • FrankUnderwoodSr

      Neil DeGrasse Tyson looked like a fool in this clip. Why did you post it? Calling for public schools to indoctrinate kids into leftist ideology? As if they don’t do this already….. He sure didn’t look like “one of the smartest Americans” in this clip.

      • ^^^ Classic concern trolling. ^^^

        • FrankUnderwoodSr

          No I’m not very concerned. Keep em coming. You’re playing into his hands.

          • ^^^ MORE classic concern trolling. ^^^

  • Corey Stewart continues his bigoted rantings.

    Another interview about illegals. Never going to back down. Establishment Republicans like Ed Gillespie want us to back down, but we need to start standing up for ourselves. Standing up for our families. Standing up for America.


    La Raza is a sleazy organization that works to keep criminal illegal immigrants in our neighborhoods. Don’t blame Trump at all for not wanting this judge, who is a member of this disreputable organization, from presiding over his case. He could never be impartial.

  • 2017 VA GOP gov candidate (+ Trump state director) Corey Stewart rips Ed Gillespie on “criminal illegal aliens.” Yes, the 2017 VA GOP gov race is going to be vicious, nasty, ugly…and good for Democrats! 🙂

    Next time you see Ed Gillespie, ask him why he allowed the release of criminal illegal aliens when he was Chief Counsel in the Bush White House. Instead of deporting illegals who committed crimes, the Bush White House released them. 30% then committed more crimes–including rape, child molestation and attempted murder. The weak Republican establishment is afraid of “offending” illegal immigrants and won’t protect our families.

  • LG Ralph Northam on Corey Stewart’s remarks:

    Ralph Northam statement on Corey Stewart’s defense of Donald Trump’s comments on Judge Curiel

    Today, Ralph Northam released this statement regarding Corey Stewart’s defense of Donald Trump and his remarks toward Judge Curiel.

    “Virginia is stronger because of our diversity. To grow Virginia’s economy, we need to bring all people together–not divide Virginians based on ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. We know in Virginia that Corey Stewart was Donald Trump before there was a Donald Trump. Stewart’s rhetoric is offensive and his defense of Trump’s behavior towards Judge Curiel is reprehensible. Republicans like House Speaker Paul Ryan have called Trump’s remarks ‘the textbook definition of a racist comment’ while Stewart defends them. Any candidate for governor should denounce Donald Trump for his comments and Corey Stewart for his rhetoric,” said Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam.

  • Corey Stewart point-blank lies about “La Raza.”

    “Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart says he is standing by his candidate. ‘Trump did not say anything racist. Trump was just concerned that this judge is a member of La Raza, which is an organization that his sympathetic toward illegal immigrants, including those who commit crimes.'”

    Except that none of this is true. It’s been fact checked repeatedly, and it’s FALSE. See http://www.snopes.com/judge-curiel-la-raza-kkk/ and https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2016/06/07/trump-supporters-false-claim-that-trump-u-judge-is-a-member-of-a-pro-immigrant-group/ and http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2016/jun/07/donald-trump/trump-wrongly-casts-california-lawyers-group-stron/ and…on and on. Why don’t reporters call out point-blank lies like this one? Got me.