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Tuesday News: “Republicans finally discover that Trump is an actual racist;” “GOP owns Trump University’s sleaze”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, June 7. Also check out Rachel Maddow’s interview with Hillary Clinton, the night before California, New Jersey and other states vote.

  • Quizzical

    I will always be grateful to Hillary for her take down of Trump. He’s now looking more like Humpty-Drumphty.

    • Buddysystem

      She is not in Federal prison because of liberal cronism aka high crimes and misdemeanors. What are Hillary’s redeeming qualities?

  • Video: Donald Trump says he dislikes the term “American exceptionalism,” other countries are “eating our lunch.” Can you imagine right-wing reaction if Obama said that???


  • From the Virginia Sierra Club:

    On June 14th, Arlingtonians will be voting in the Democratic Primary for the County Board. The Sierra Club is pleased to announce our endorsement of candidate Erik Gutshall. Erik impressed us with his understanding of the broad range of environmental issues facing Arlington, while offering thoughtful views on how to meet the related challenges.

    Importantly, Erik has a solid understanding of the Community Energy Plan, or CEP, including ideas on how to raise its visibility so the CEP can drive action across the County government as well as our businesses and homes.

    On transportation, Erik emphasized the need for near-term action to build out mass transit throughout the County, especially along Columbia Pike, while also supporting a more walkable and bike-accessible Arlington.

    Given the upcoming shutdowns of Metro rail for overdue infrastructure repairs, we especially appreciated his understanding of “the difference between expenditures and investments.”

    We also believe Erik has the professional and civic background uniquely suited to make Arlington a greener community.

    We urge you to vote for Erik Gutshall on June 14th.

    • In sharp contrast, Libby Garvey just received $250 from Robert Chase of the NOVA Transportation Alliance, a major proponent of highways and an opponent of smart growth and the environment.

      • Buddysystem

        I dont consider the smart growth agenda: laden with over development, speed humps and hostile attitude toward tax paying car owners, as smart in the least. At least Libby is listening to both sides.

      • jtb

        Libby vindicated by recent premium transit proposal for Colombia pike. Moves almost as many passengers…and moves them faster, much cheaper, with much more flexibility. Pike will have express busses and local ones. Faux environmentalists liked the streetcar, but bicycle commuters who are the top environmentalists hated it. She made a tough choice, that turns out to be the best one.

  • Video: Pathetic Lyin’ Paul Ryan says Trump’s comments are racist, but still supports him for president. #FAIL


  • Video: Chris Christie says “Donald Trump is not a racist,” what more do you need to know? (snark)


  • Buddysystem

    Whats worse, being constanyly painted with a broad racist brush trying to undo Obama’s destructive efforts against America or rollover like the liberal way and let your country waste away?

  • Video: Hillary Clinton — “History Made”


  • Quizzical

    One refreshing thing about Hillary is that she can actually talk in detail about issues.