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Ken Cuccinelli Ally, FL AG Pam Bondi, Dropped Trump U Fraud Lawsuit After $25k Donation from Trump


We already knew that Ken Cuccinelli’s ethics were HIGHLY questionable (for more on that subject, see Ken Cuccinelli’s Corrupt Pal “Bobby Thompson” Sentenced to 28 Years in Prison, Pay-to-Play Scandal in the Making?, A Simple Question for Ken Cuccinelli on Consol Energy Money, Report: Cuccinelli underling acted ‘inappropriately’, etc, etc.). Now we have one of Cooch’s close political allies, Florida AG Pam Bondi (Tea Party “R”), in potential hot water over her apparent lack of ethics (bolding added by me for emphasis).

Florida’s Republican attorney general, Pam Bondi, personally asked Donald Trump for a campaign contribution before dropping out of a lawsuit charging Trump University with fraud, the New Civil Rights Movement reports.

Bondi asked for the contribution before publicly announcing she would join a New York state suit against Trump U. Four days later, she received a check from Trump’s foundation. Bondi subsequently announced she was no longer suing Trump, citing insufficient grounds to proceed.

The check was in the amount of $25,000, and the donation was in violation of rules governing political activities by charities.

A spokesman for Bondi told the Associated Press that she was “unaware” of the dozens of consumer complaints levied against Trump’s seminars before she asked for the donation in 2013.

The AP reports that the timing of the donation is note-worthy, because Trump has bragged about expecting to get favors from politicians when he donates money to them.

Gotta love these far right wingers, with their holier-than-thou attitude and their slimy ethics. What a combo, huh? Scary to think that Cooch was ever our state’s AG, that he came very close to being elected governor, and that it’s quite possible he’ll run again (governor 2017? US Senate 2018? President 2020?) for something again. Shudddderrrrr….


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