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Saturday News: “A Donald Trump presidency would bring shame on this country”; Corey Stewart Defends Sexual Predator


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, October 8. Also check out “Women will be the reason” by the Clinton campaign.

  • Video: Trump’s non-apology “apology”


  • The now-infamous Trump “grab ’em by the p*ssy” video


  • Video: Ana Navarro says it is not enough for Republican leaders to disavow “vile” Trump’s words.


  • Video: Tim Kaine says Trump’s “outrageous” comments “make me sick to my stomach,” but he’s “not surprised” given who Trump is


  • Video: President Obama’s weekly address, on tremendous economic progress over the past 8 years


  • Andy Schmookler

    Tweet I just sent:

    Debate Q for Trump: “If being a star lets you grab women by the p***y, what would being president enable you to do?”

  • From the Eileen Bedell for Congress campaign:

    Response to Brat’s Statement of Support for Donald Trump

    Richmond, Va. (Oct. 8th, 2016) –

    It took Dave Brat 20 hours, a full day, to find his moral compass and attempt to avoid the backlash on Donald Trump, but Brat is standing by his man and still supports The Donald.

    Dave Brat is a bad fit for Virginia and his continued embrace of Donald Trump, a man who brags about sexually assaulting women, is just further evidence of that fact.

  • Video: ” Samantha Bee recorded having extremely lewd conversation about men in 2016.” LOL


  • Great quotes from leading right-wing Virginia blogger Jeanine Martin of The Bull Elephant:

    “Men may talk about women, but not in such a crude, demeaning, way. Yes,there will be many more ‘distractions’ because of who Donald Trump is. That’s why he needs to step down now, the sooner the better so we don’t have to go through this awful stuff week after week.”

    “Trump is NOT our best. He’s our worst. Heck,he’s not even a Republican much less a conservative. He should have been a flaky third party candidate instead of being a flaky Republican candidate.”

    ” I’ve known and dated and married frat boys and they NEVER, EVER, talked like that. There’s just no excuse for it. None. Priebus can’t justify Trump’s behavior no matter how hard he spins. He can turn himself into a top spinning away and it won’t work. Trump’s gotta go.”

    “I rejoice when I hear Trumpsters say they are leaving the Republican party. This disaster is all on them.”

    ” I don’t want the Trump supporters in the Republican party. They’re too stupid to be in our party.”

    “Other than Corey Stewart no one is defending Trump”

    “Will we have a party after this election? If so, it must be very different, unrecognizable.”

    • Quizzical

      I think the simple truth is that Trump was not vetted as a candidate for national office – not by the Republican primaries anyway. You have to wonder why.


    With Republicans across the nation withdrawing support of Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump, due to the latest reveal of Trump’s sexism and anti-women characteristics, Democratic members of the Virginia House of Delegates are calling on their Republican colleagues to disavow their support for Trump as well.

    “Candidate Trump’s offer to be the candidate of change has been consistently overwhelmed by insulting behavior and comments which distract us from our serious policy challenges and divide us in the process. His is certainly not the Virginia Way, and we as Virginia leaders, both Democratic and Republican, have an obligation to step forward and say enough is enough,” said Del. David Toscano, Leader of the Virginia House Democratic Caucus.

    “Trump has been a national embarrassment for months. As President, he would be a threat to our national security and our standing in the world. It’s long overdue for Republicans in the House of Delegates to reject Trump,” said Del. Charniele Herring, Chair of the Virginia House Democratic Caucus.