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Friday News: “The Closing of Trump’s America”; Trump Wages War on EPA, Pressures Park Service, etc.


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday January 27.

  • Quizzical

    Re the McGahn brief story, I don’t see a problem with lifting some legal analysis from a legal opinion or from some other brief, and using it. That happens all the time. Clients don’t want to pay lawyers to constantly reinvent the wheel. I could repeat that sentence ten times and that would be insufficient to emphasis the point. Most likely, McGahn didn’t actually write that brief anyway, it was probably done by an associate or law clerk. Of course, if he filed it he is responsible for it, but it isn’t some college paper where it is going to be run through some program that searches for plagiarism.

    In fact, electronic legal research services like Westlaw Next for instance are increasingly offering up court filings in response to searches, in effect turning the entire dockets of courts into brief banks. A lawyer would be a fool not to use that. (And clients don’t want to pay from the electronic legal research service either – that is overhead.)

    Now, if McGahn took that brief and offered it as part of his own personal writing sample in order to apply for a government position, that would be different. Is that what we are talking about here?

    • Not sure, but Dana Milbank writes: “One lawyer who has argued enforcement cases before the FEC for more than two decades said he had never seen an argument copied word-for-word like this. The lawyer, who was not authorized by his firm to be named, said submitting a nearly identical brief is ‘at the very least bad form.'”

      • Quizzical

        It seems like both briefs were about whether there was a violation of election laws when the Trump campaign’s publicity vendor hired another vendor who brought in paid actors to cheer Trump on during the event when he announced his candidacy for President. It was nauseating to me when I realized that that happened and Trump got away with it. He’s gotten away with so many things that would have been fatal to most other candidates. I still really don’t understand why.

        As for the briefs, it probably is bad form before the FEC to submit a nearly identical brief, but if it is $12,000 matter and the facts are identical to another matter that was already briefed, I can see why they decided to save their client some money. They probably should have gotten out a thesaurus and changed happy to glad and glad to happy throughout, which would have saved Jones Day some embarrassment. But maybe they never figured that Trump would win.

        • Laura Lee


          All ads pulled for ACA enrollment. even paid for ads

          President Donald Trump’s administration has
          abruptly halted ads and outreach for Obamacare set to run during the
          final days of the 2017 open enrollment season, according to a report
          published Thursday by Politico.

          Even ads that President Barack Obama’s administration already placed and paid for have been pulled, Politico reported,
          citing sources at the Department of Health and Human Services and on
          Capitol Hill. The White House has also reportedly halted media outreach
          promoting enrollment, including emails sent to visitors to

          • Yep, the Trumpsters are now ACTIVELY trying to sabotage and kill the Affordable Care Act. Can you imagine if Barack Obama had tried something like this? The right-wing would have been screaming “DICTATOR!” from every corner of their fetid, fever-swamp echo chamber.

  • True Blue

    Words matter! Joy Reid and David Frum had an excellent conversation with Lawrence O’Donnell last night:


  • Great response by a Facebook friend of mine to Trump’s ignorant comment that Mexico has (supposedly) taken advantage of the US.

    “No, you idiot.America has taken advantage of them. America has taken advantage of their workers. America has taken advantage of their military and law enforcement fighting America’s war on drugs, killing far more Mexicans than Americans. America has polluted their environment. America has even gone to war to take their land. America has taken advantage of their immigrants, having them do jobs that no American would do for pay that no American would work for, so that we can undercut Mexico’s agricultural prices on the international market.”

  • Elaine Owens

    I have a legal question. If NAFTA, negotiated during the George H.W. Bush administration, submitted to Congress, passed by Congress and signed by President Bill Clinton, became a treaty in force according to our constitutional process, how can the Trump administration unilaterally decide to impose a 20% border tax on goods from Mexico? I realize Paul Ryan is taken with that as a way to raise revenue , but how would such a preposterous thing get through both houses of Congress? After all, it would basically be a tax on the American people when the goods were put up for sale here at a higher price. I know that Trump and his cronies hardly care if foodstuffs and other goods increase in price, but working class Americans certainly would. (And, I’m not ever considering the probably trade war such a stupid tax would start with other countries.)

    • As far as I’m aware, that would have to go through Congress.

      • Elaine Owens

        I can’t believe the the media doesn’t point that out, including that Democrats in the Senate could filibuster that…unless the GOP wants to somehow slip that into a budget bill.

  • Sen. Mark Warner re: the Trump Administration executive order on the U.S. refugee program:

    “The Trump Administration executive order that indefinitely suspends the Syrian refugee program and pauses visas from Muslim countries runs counter to our American values. While I have always been open to a pause on our refugee program to ensure appropriate time for intelligence and law enforcement experts to ensure we protect our national security, these actions by the President presume the solution before the review is complete. It is a policy targeting Muslims that national security experts have testified would harm, not help, our national security interests. I join the interfaith community in Virginia and around the country in objecting to these moves, and I will work in Congress to block an effort which trades dubious increases in U.S. security for certain alienation of partners with whom we must cooperate to address terrorism.”