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With Del. Dave Albo Quitting, Virginia House Democrats Just Gained a YUGE Pickup Opportunity


In late March, I ranked the competitiveness of Virginia House of Delegates districts. Clocking in at #12 was District 42.

District 42 (57% Hillary Clinton district): Wait a minute, you ask, how can a 57% Clinton district be ranked so low on this list? Very simple – incumbent Del. Dave Albo (R) has proven extremely difficult to beat in this Fairfax County district. Still, Democrats appear to have two potentially strong candidates — Kathy Tran and Nelfred “Tilly” Blanding — chomping at the bit to finally fulfill the wish that “Albo Must Go!” And with all the anti-Trump energy out there right now, this definitely could be the year…

Well, guess what? Yep, that district just moved up a bunch of notches!

With the popular incumbent Dave Albo quitting, I’d say crank this 57% Hillary Clinton district up to #2 as a likely Democratic pickup this fall. Now, the primary between Kathy Tran and Tilly Blanding becomes even more important. Stay tuned…

P.S. Ian Redman has a hilarious comment worth reposting here: “Also, maybe his wife will sleep with him again now that he’s not advancing TRAP laws full-time lol” If you don’t get that joke, click on this link.

  • Tilly Blanding Statement on Del. Dave Albo Not Seeking Re-Election

    My Delegate, Dave Albo, announced this afternoon his retirement after almost 24 years of service to the state. As many of you know, Dave Albo and I disagree on a number of issues facing the 42nd and Virginia. However, I want to take a moment to thank him for his years of service to the state.

    While I have been advocating on the opposite side for a long time, I do know that it takes courage and stamina to dedicate your life to public service. Dave Albo has been an active member of the Springfield community for much longer than his 24 years of service, and I know he will continue serving the community in his own way in the future.

    This race has always been about the people in my community, and across the state, who do not have a voice. There are individuals that are suffering from a lack of healthcare options because Republicans in Richmond refuse to pass Medicaid expansion. I am running to help the working families struggling to make ends meet despite working multiple low-wage jobs, the women who are fighting to for reproductive justice, and to expand access to early education and social services to all children.

    This race is about every resident of our state. It is about restoring our Virginia Democratic values and fighting for what is right. I am a fighter, I have been on the battlefields for justice my whole life, and I plan to keep that fight going as your Delegate in Richmond.

  • Video: Dave Albo says his wife rejected sex with him following his transvaginal ultrasound bill


    • stuckinthewoods

      He shouldn’t kid himself. I’m sure his wife has many, many other reasons.

  • Kathy Tran statement on Albo’s retirement:

    Delegate Dave Albo has spent the past 23 years representing our community in the Virginia House of Delegates. While I may disgree with his politics, he cares deeply about our community. I thank him for his service.

    His retirement presents an exciting opportunity for the 42nd District to elect a new progressive voice with the commitment and experience to advance our community’s common values of hope and opportunity. If elected, I will fight to make sure that our public schools keep their world-class status, that our region is globally competitive and attracts good jobs, and that our community is welcoming and inclusive of everyone.

    – Kathy

  • frankoanderson

    This year Albo chose “non-primary” as the method of nomination for his seat, a departure from 2015 when he chose a primary. This shouldn’t have gone unnoticed in GOP circles. Who knows what the GOP will do to pick a candidate, but it won’t be as open and accessible as a primary.

  • frankoanderson

    BTW I will never get to use this graphic again so I’ll just drop it here.