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Audio: At VPAP Event, Utterly Corrupt Del. Terry Kilgore (R-Dominion/Coal Industry)...

Everything about the following audio clips epitomizes the slimy, corrupt "Virginia Way," and the incestuous little world in Richmond - (e.g., at the corporate-funded...

With Del. Dave Albo Quitting, Virginia House Democrats Just Gained a...

In late March, I ranked the competitiveness of Virginia House of Delegates districts. Clocking in at #12 was District 42. District 42 (57% Hillary Clinton district):...

Del. Dave Albo Missing; Demand That He Hold a Town Hall...

Courtesy of Chris Ambrose: Yesterday, the West Springfield Civic Association held a legislative update session and invited people to get updates from Senator Barker and...

Photos: Who Barbara “GOP Attack Dog” Comstock’s Been Hanging Out With...

Perusing Rep. Barbara "GOP Attack Dog" Comstock's Facebook page, you can see what she's been up to recently. Needless to say, it has NOT...

ALEC Ties to Virginia Voter ID Law

The voter ID laws passed in Virginia and other states this year and designed to limit the right of citizens to vote, especially groups that traditionally vote Democratic, have a common origin, the now-notorious American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC. A task force of ALEC, the Public Safety and Elections Task Force, promoted a model law to limit voting through ID requirements. In Virginia, quite a few Republican legislators are a part of ALEC, including the ones who introduced the legislation.

Republicans Dave Albo, Beverly Sherwood, and Ben Cline were all members of the Public Safety and Elections Task Force. However, the legislation that ultimately passed and was signed by Bob McDonnell (who also has ties to ALEC) was introduced in the General Assembly by two other members of ALEC, Del. Mark Cole of Fredericksburg (Education Task Force) and Sen, Steve Martin of Chesterfield (Health and Human Services Task Force, which Martin chairs).

Several groups have begun working to insure the right to vote for some groups of Americans, especially minorities, the elderly, and young adults. One such group, VoteRiders, a non-partisan and non-profit organization, has launched a nationwide program, "Take a Friend to the DMV," to help citizens get their voter IDs. The NAACP has also pledged to have a robust program to insure people's right to vote. Programs are needed most in state like Texas and Pennsylvania, where citizens can only vote if they have a government-issued photo ID, a document that requires a person to also present a birth certificate.

There's no question as to the motive behind the Pennsylvania law. The state Republican majority leader told a meeting of the Republican State Committee: "Voter ID, which is going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done."

In Virginia the law is far less draconian.

Albo Says Wife Spurned Sex After Hearing GOP’s Transvaginal Ultrasound Plan

Ben Tribbett flags this clip from the Virginia General Assembly floor of Del. Dave Albo (R-Fairfax). Del. Albo took to the House floor to describe how his wife spurned his advances after seeing a story about the Virginia GOP's efforts to mandate transvaginal ultrasounds.

So Virginia Republicans banned gay marriage because they think two men kissing is icky, but we have to listen to Dave Albo and his middle-aged paunch talk about putting on the moves like he's a 15-year-old boy trying to get to second base?

Blatant Voter Suppression Bill Proposed by Albo

People have been focusing on possible voter suppression if HB 9, which will require that potential voters produce identification in order to be allowed to vote a regular ballot, were to become law. However, there is a far worse bill than Mark Cole's HB 9. HB 895 has been introduced by Dave Albo (R-Springfield) and co-sponsored by Tim Hugo (R-Centreville). That bill would require all persons registering to vote to prove they are citizens of the United States, prove they live in the precinct they will vote in, and produce a current, government-issued photo identification.

I can't see how that bill - should it become law - would ever pass scrutiny by the U.S. Department of Justice, but that didn't stop Albo from introducing it. It even tries to backhandedly overturn the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, better known as the "motor voter bill," by requiring that anyone registering at the DMV or other state agency bring all that identification with them.

Mark Cole, Tim Hugo and Dave Albo have one thing in common besides being right wing Republicans. They are all participating legislators in ALEC, the far-right corporate bunch that writes model right-wing laws for state legislators to introduce. Albo is on ALEC's Public Safety and Elections Task Force. Hugo is on two ALEC task forces. Mark Cole is on the ALEC Education Task Force.

HB 895 and HB 9 both follow ALEC's model bill that is intended to suppress voter turnout in the guise of protecting against imaginary voter fraud.

Dave Albo Takes Aim at Arlington Over Immigration Enforcement?

Is Del. Dave "Abuser Fees" Albo taking aim at Arlington on the issue of immigration? I don't know, but this bill sure looks like it.
Enforcement of federal immigration law by the Commonwealth and its political subdivisions.  Provides that no agency of the Commonwealth, political subdivision of the Commonwealth or locality, or an employee of any of them acting in his official capacity, may limit or restrict the enforcement of federal immigration laws to less than the full extent permitted by federal law.
Specifically, it seems that Albo is targeting stuff like this:
Following an impassioned presentation by board member Walter Tejada, and without further discussion, the board voted 5-0 to direct County Manager Michael Brown to formally notify Virginia State Police and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement of Arlington's intention to withdraw from the {Secure Communities immigration enforcement} program, which Virginia implemented statewide earlier this year.

"This is something that was imposed on Arlington County and other jurisdictions," Tejada said. "They didn't ask our opinion, there was no public process."

Apparently, Dave Albo is trying to ensure that nobody asks Arlington's opinion in the future, either. The heavy hand of government -- Republican style!

Small Consolation: Republican Howell Lobbies IN the Legislature

If Democrats are willing to tolerate a lobbyist as state party chairman, at least he won't be abusing elected office to feather his nest in the way Virginia House Speaker Bill Howell (R-28th) does without chagrin. Howell has lobbied for years to indemnify a corporate donor from lawsuits.

A member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a non-partisan, ideologically conservative, non-profit 501(c)(3) membership association of state legislators and private sector policy advocates (translate corporations), Howell has been pushing a bill that would help protect a single company (Crown Cork & Seal) from asbestos lawsuits. He has used his position and influence in an attempt to bully and maneuver the bill to passage.

Two years ago, Crown Cork spent $25,095 on four lobbyists to help get the bill passed, according to state records. Last year, it spent $84,167 on seven lobbyists. This year, they had the same seven lobbyists, though one left to work for newly elected Republican Gov. Robert F. McDonnell. - Washington Post