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Saturday News: Ice Melting as Trump Admin Races in Wrong Direction on Climate; “Secret White House Visits: Now Easier Than Ever!”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, April 15. Love that shirt, by the way, photo courtesy of a Facebook friend from the Nats game yesterday. Go Nats! Go impeachment! LOL

  • Robert Reich:

    The Trump White House announced today it won’t follow Barack Obama’s policy of disclosing the names of White House visitors.

    Of course not. Trump won’t release his tax records, won’t put his assets into a blind trust or follow ethics rules, won’t open news conferences to all major media, and won’t allow the press into Mar-a-Lago, where he’s spent a quarter of his time as president so far.

    This is the most secretive and ethically-challenged administration in modern history. Trump said he’d drain the swamp. Instead, he’s giving big donors and lobbyists unknown levels of influence in the White House.

  • Video: Dan Rather says Trump confusion is not evolution


  • John Farrell

    Why is Susan Platt’s failure to pay her Federal taxes for 8 years not the lead story?

    • If you’ve paid any attention at all to these news headlines for the past few years, you just MIGHT have noticed (again, if you’d been paying any attention at all) that first comes national/international news, then usually news pertaining to our statewide federal elected officials, then usually news about statewide political elections, etc. Which is exactly where the news about Platt’s tax “issues” is located. What are you trying to imply here, that I think Platt not paying s***-tons of federal taxes is acceptable? If so, you’re wrong.

      • John Farrell

        To this a daily reader, there is no consistency to the order in which stories are list in the daily run down.

        A blog about Virginia Democrats could be expected to headline a story that disqualifies a Democratic candidate for state-wide office instead of listing it 20th.

        Frankly, it’s remakable that Platt’s tax issues didn’t receive it’s own posting when it broke yesterday.

        • Dude, I know how I post the stories — I’ve been doing it every day for years now. 1) National/international; 2) Virginia politics; 3) local stuff.

  • Video: Tax March at US Capitol


  • This is classic – families of Sen. Scott Surovell and Del. Mark Keam random meet at the Eiffel Tower? LOL