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Chris Hurst for Delegate Campaign: Del. Joseph Yost (R) “a no show for Southwest Virginia families”


From the Chris Hurst for Delegate campaign:

‘No-Show Joe’ Yost Doesn’t Show Up for the Job: Yost’s Abysmal Board Attendance Record Revealed

BLACKSBURG, Va. – ‘From Here For Us’ Delegate Joseph Yost doesn’t show up for the citizens of the 12th District. Yost, who was elected in 2011, serves on several critical boards vital to the progress of the New River Valley; Center for Rural Virginia, Virginia Substance Abuse Service Council, and Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center. Yost has cumulatively attended 1 out of the 35 meetings the boards have held over the past four years.

“Delegate Yost is a hypocrite. He claims to be fighting for the New River Valley when, in reality, he’s a no show for Southwest Virginia families,” said Hurst manager Andrew Whitley. “It’s hard to believe that ‘No-Show Joe’ is really for us when he’s attended one board meeting in over five years. Southwest Virginia deserves better.” Former WDBJ7 news anchor Chris Hurst added, “As a former news anchor and journalist, I’ve devoted my career to holding our elected leadership accountable. Voters in the 12th District need to now do the same to Delegate Yost.”

The Center of Rural Virginia seeks to work with policymakers and stakeholders to create innovative solutions and expand entrepreneurial opportunities to ensure economic prosper for all the regions of the Commonwealth. Since his appointment in July of 2013, Delegate Yost hasn’t been to one meeting. See HERE

The Virginia Substance Abuse Service Council is a board that supports individuals by promoting recovery, self-determination, and wellness in all aspects of life, particularly important to rural Virginia as it’s on the frontlines of the opioid crisis. Since his appointment in April of 2014, Delegate Yost has been to one meeting, in July of that year, and hasn’t been back since. See HERE.

The Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center is a partnership with ten colleges and universities. The SVHEC provides undergraduate and graduate degree programs and professional development courses primarily for adult learners and promotes regional economic development through its conference facility, business support services, and technology applications. Since his appointment in December of 2012, Delegate Yost hasn’t attended a single meeting. See HERE.

Cumulative Attendance can be found HERE.


Prior to his campaign for Delegate, Chris served the people of southwest Virginia for six years as the evening anchor of WDBJ7. During that time, he was recognized as “Media Person of the Year” by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, “Citizen of the Year” by the Roanoke NAACP, and “Your Local Hero” by the readers of the Roanoker magazine. He twice won a regional Edward R. Murrow award and was nominated for an Emmy award.


  • Ken Hildebrandt

    Elaine Hildebrandt here. One disappointing yet expected ‘no show’ was Robert Hurt’s absence from the 2014 US Congressional Debate forum in Charlottesville. More disappointing and impacting was Chris Hurst’s ‘no show’ telling me and my husband Ken, as we both ran making history here in VA, that it was too much to “lug” WDBJ’s equipment to cover the unprecedented event. Had that debate and the one in Brookneal been televised we’d arguably have a rational voice in Congress today. What a crying shame.

  • Denise

    When I see my Radford Alumni magazine in the mail I always wonder how many photo ops there will be of Radford Alumni Joe Yost. Besides getting his photo taken as if he supports higher ed in Virginia, I then wonder if he ever votes for anything that helps state-supported education at the college level or at the K-12 level. I don’t know for sure but I expect not so much just enjoys playing the part of a representative who cares about education.

    • BH

      If you don’t know for sure, why do you make these unsubstantiated accusations?