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The Face that Launched A Thousand Days of Nothing


After everything that happened on their watch in 2007, this is the extent of their contribution?  After all their buck-passing and blame-shifting for what they did, now Mitch McConnell thinks this is how they should lead?  Huffington Post reports that 41 Republicans will block ANY debate on financial reform.  

There it is for all the world to see.  They spin bad-fiction about whatever the issue is.  They seed all manner of hate against the president. They incite (and actually are behind) tea-ranters.  And then they do this to the American people.  For more on this story, please go here.

We got into the financial crisis because of too little regulation and too much thumb twiddling,  by George W. Bush as Wall Street collapsed around him.  The belated action to stop the collapse was on Bush’s watch. Yet the GOP keeps blaming it on President Obama. The GOP blames everyone but themselves.  Now they do not want the federal government to have the power to protect our financial system from the massive fraud bringing us to the brink of collapse already.  They call themselves a political party.  They think they are patriots and are at the ready to question everyone else’s patriotism.

It’s time for Harry Reid and the Democratic Senate majority to throw out the Senate rules.  Senate “rules” are not sacred.  Predicated upon good will now missing, they only worked when real gentlemen and women sat in the Senate.  Now the obstruction crew can hardly be considered that.

Harry, do something now.  Start with making them do a real filibuster.  Make them put on this charade in front of the camera.  Let the public see what they do.  

And then, when they continue to obstruct, as you know they will, pull the rig out from under them.   Change the rules.  You are in charge.  What are you waiting for, Harry?  Don’t wait till the beginning of the next session. Don’t’ let them stop the government’s business for the next three years.  Do something!


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