Chicken Hawks and Chicken Littles Converge


    The fusion of entertainment and information meets the no spin zone in Norfolk tonight. The residual chicken sh*t will not be the kind Terry McAuliffe champions. It is all about fertilizing an audience; an audience that pads the entertainers’ pockets by buying their schtick, their sponsors’ products, and their memorabilia.

    This is a rescheduled Bold and Fresh Tour appearance. The first cancelled by a January blizzard that shut down Hampton Roads and continues to serve as a superficial proof source for the counter-climate change mob. These are the same science challenged minions who buy the “non-hybrid seeds, stored above the Arctic Circle” that Beck proffers.

    Beck and O’Reilly saw an opportunity to double down on the local market for unsupported and base assertions by offering a 3PM matinee appearance today. They claimed the evening show was “sold out.” The good news is that there was no market for the additional show. Beck vigorously worked to hype the appearance to no avail, despite oodles of money spent on local advertising (a drop in the bucket for Beck but a windfall for local radio). They tried arranging appearances on local talk shows. His marketing crew couldn’t pull it off despite telling every area radio station’s sales manager that he or she was the best they’d dealt with anywhere. Good news: it seems it is a fiercely loyal but definitely finite market being strung along. But when the matinee was cancelled, the spin began. Suddenly it was a scheduling conflict that prevented the appearance. Bill…no spin?

    Michael Savage refers to this as the Bald and Fat tour. You can be sure who the losers are in this P.T. Barnum goat rope. You can also be sure who the shameless clowns are. The good news if you have a bridge to sell is that the ball caps, tote bags, and travel mugs mark your prey. Tickets still remain for this evening’s show.  


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