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(Best of luck, you guys certainly have a lot of crazy right wingnuts to write about! – promoted by lowkell)

I’m proud to announce a new community blog for Democrats, progressives and open minded neighbors in Loudoun County: Loudoun Progress.

This new community blog is the brainchild of the authors of four local blogs here in Loudoun County, myself (Leesburg Tomorrow), the Doorbell Queen (True Adventures of the Doorbell Queen), Dave (In Through The Out Door), and David (Equality Loudoun). We four will try to bring a variety of perspectives and ideas to our new online community. Among us, we represent four different Districts and four distinct experiences in Loudoun, from long-time residents to relative newcomers, and from parents to people still fighting for the right to be recognized as equally married.

We’re all members of the LCDC. We’re all activists. We’re all a bit rabid on our own particular soap-boxes.

This blog will not be taking the place of our individual blogs, but it will be a place to continue conversations we’re having elsewhere and to start conversations with a Loudoun focus.

After much debate among the four of us, we decided to have a commenting policy.

“Commenting Guidelines:

Anonymity is allowed, but we prefer signed comments.

No Spam

No ad hominem attacks.

Don’t get offended if Liz calls you out for using belittling language. It’s not censorship: it’s basic decency.” – Welcome to Loudoun Progress

I hope you will come join our community at Loudoun Progress. We look forward to hearing your voice, but please be civil, lest you suffer the wrath of Liz.

Incidentally, With the advent of Loudoun Progress, I will be doing my best to take Leesburg Tomorrow in a more local direction. I hope you’ll keep following us both here and at Progress, as we are all glad for our readers in the great debate that is our democracy.


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