Michelle Obama Speaks to GWU Graduates: “Yes, you can.”


    Michelle Obama’s commencement address, delivered this morning at GWU, begins just after the 55-minute mark. The full transcript is here.  For now, a short excerpt which contains excellent advice:

    You understand things that perhaps your parents and I even don’t always have to consider when our world was still separated by walls of concrete and communication.

    That we are no longer isolated from what happens on the other side of the world. That it’s in our best interest to look beyond our immediate self-interest, and look out for one another globally. That so many of today’s challenges are borderless, from the economy to terrorism to climate change, and that solving those problems demands cooperation with others. And more than any other generation, yours is fully convinced that you’re uniquely equipped to solve those challenges. You believe that you can change your communities and change the world. And you know what, I think you’re right. Yes, you can.

    So today, graduates, I have one more request to make of you, one more challenge, and that is: Keep going. Keep giving. Keep engaging.

    I’m asking you to take what you’ve learned here and embrace the full responsibilities that a degree from an institution like GW gives you. I’m asking your generation to be America’s face to the world. It will make the world safer, it will make America stronger, and it will make you more competitive.


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