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Will 10th CD Republicans Elect “Loudmouth Malcontent” Today?


The 10th CD Republican Committee convention just started. The question is, as “Loudoun Insider” at Too Conservative puts it, whether Republicans will “have a competent, well qualified statesman as Chairman in Dave Schmidt, or a loudmouth malcontent in Howie Lind.”  

Among other things, Lind is reportedly (according to Dave Schmidt) a big fan of “Republican loyalty” tests, has “a record of causing party divisions and excluding coalitions that could forge majorities in November,” has “one of the worst attendance records on the 10th District Committee,” and was “asked by Congressman Wolf to withdraw from the Tenth District chairman race because he could divide the party.” The “end result” of all this? “Victory for the Democrats,” according to Schmidt.

Bottom line: I strongly endorse Howie Lind for 10th CD Republican Committee chair, as I sincerely believe he would best for the Republican Democratic Party in the 10th CD. Go “loudmouth malcontent!” Heh.

UPDATE 1:30 pm: Hahahahahah, it looks like good news, “Howie Lind wins.” Exxxxcellent. 🙂

UPDATE 3:02 pm:  One big happy family, nice to see! 🙂

UPDATE 9:20 pm: Gotta love this!

Frank Wolf is lucky he has long term incumbency on his side because he is now majorly marginalized in northern Virginia GOP politics. The 10th District Committee (and its largest component, the LCRC) are firmly in Cuccinelli camp, and completely beholden to him, and that is absolutely at odds with someone like Frank Wolf (you know, thoughtful and non-confrontational). Wolf didn’t want to get involved at all in this contest and he will now have to deal with these people. Good luck, Congressman.


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