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Bill McCollum, His Friend Jeb and His New Friend, Cooch


If you know anything about Florida’s AG, Bill McCollum, you probably know he was one of the House Judiciary Committee Republicans hell-bent on driving Bill Clinton from office.  Ironically, though, when earlier he sat on the Iran-Contra Investigation Committee, he wasn’t big on voting to prosecute President Reagan and Vice President Bush for arming our enemies and waging an illegal war in Central America, which Congress expressly forbade. Grandstanding is McCollum’s middle name, though.  Is it any wonder that he also has a penchant for hanging around the wrong folks.  For example Jeb Bush just happens to call him friend here.

Bill was once the congressperson for Disney World.  And amusement park representation is just what you get with both Bill and Cooch.  Today, both AGs have filed frivolous lawsuits trying to upend the nation’s health care reform bill.  Both will lose (badly).  And both are wasting the court’s time.  Isn’t there an opt-out provision anyway?  So what the hell is Ken doing with our  money.  Oh, that’s right, he claims he’s not spending any of your money while he wastes his time and doesn’t do his real job.

Among other things, McCollum is off on his seemingly endless, mean-spirited crusade against gays too.  He brought the infamous Family Research Council co-founder George Rekers (remember Rekers’ recent scandal?), the idiotic, insulting, hurtful  and outrageous re-program-the-gays (conversion “therapy”) shrink, to town to testify as a supposed “expert witness” (in hate) against gay adoption.  Never let science get in the way of ideologues.

Now Bill McCollum wants to be the governor of Florida.  McCollum is the same guy who, while in Congress, also voted to cut Medicare eight (8) times. He’s running in his state’s Republican primary against fellow Republican, lobbyist and founder of the oxymoronic Conservatives for Patient’s Rights, Rick Scott. The primary all plays out August 24.  In the “FL race, it’s see who can rip ordinary taxpayers the most.  Astro-Turfer Rick Scott is ahead.  But, remember, the House of Bush wants Bill.  Talk about two bad choices!

Now Cooch has had a phone confab with Bill to compare notes and show him the ways of the out-of-control AG.  There is more here at the Washington Post.  Both are apparently and allegedly using taxpayer money to position themselves for their respective “futures” in politics.  But as most of us who have followed McCollum know, he is so yesterday.  Cooch should find new friends.  I almost forgot he has–in a self-destructive way.  He’s also a Tea Partier now.  


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