Cooch’s Political Director Calls Shannon a “Sore Loser,” Shannon Responds


    Leave it to Ken Kook-inelli to quickly take things down to the 3rd grade level. In this case, Cooch responds to a “pretty serious charge” about a possible “pay to play” scandal by having his political director call Steve Shannon a “sore loser.” NLS makes a few good points about all this, the second of which (“what kind of Attorney General would even consider giving a comment from his political director to serious allegations of misconduct in office?”) I particularly agree with. Meanwhile, Steve Shannon emailed me with his response:

    “You know someone’s in trouble when they’re attacking the messenger, not the message.”

    Sadly, that’s the Kook-inelli way. And, sadly, it often works. Let’s hope Cooch doesn’t get away with it this time, and that there’s a serious investigation of Cooch’s potentially serious allegations of misconduct committed while in office.

    P.S. Where’s Bob McDonnell on this matter? Cat got his tongue, or is he all talked out defending the corrupt “Jew counter” heading up his government “reform” commission?

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