Eric and Annabel Take the PW Immigration Story Around the Country


    Annabel Park and Eric Byler seem to be hitting it big with their superb film on the Prince William County battle over immigration, 9500 Liberty. In coming weeks, the film will be opening in El Paso, Houston, Seattle, Minneapolis, Denver, Wilmington, Chicago, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, and several other cities. Extremely impressive. Meanwhile, here in Virginia, Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart hopes to take his so-called “rule of law” resolution statewide, prompting at least one person to challenge him for his job.  Frighteningly, Stewart has ambitions for statewide office, possibly LG in 2013.  Just imagine a ticket of Kook-inelli for Governor, Corey Stewart for LG, and…I’m afraid to ask who the Republicans will come up with for AG.  You thought it was bad now?  Just give it 3 more years, it’s a near certainty the Republicans will work on making it worse.


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