Marco Rubio: Making America more like Russia, China, Cuba and Venezuela..


     Oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico? No problem for Marco Rubio! Rubio went on MSNBC's “Morning Joe” yesterday to discuss the Oil Disaster. When asked about continued drilling, Rubio has this to say:

    “There is going to be drilling off the coast of Florida. There is right now. Other countries are goign to be drilling in the Gulf and off Florida's coast. Cuba is exploring, Russia is exploring. China, Brazil, Venezuela. The issue is not whether there's going to be off-shore drilling or not, the issue is whether America is going to benefit from it or not.”

     Yes, Marco Rubio doesn't care about anything about the Environment, the Floridian and Gulf Economy linked to that Environment, or anything else. No, he just wants us to stay profitable.

     But what particularly strikes me is his rationale for drilling. It's not even that Drilling is Safe (…), it's that other countries are doing it, giving us a justification and free pass to do it as well without consequences. I don't see the oil gushing from the Gulf washing up in Russia, China, Cuba or Venezuela. I see it ending up in Lousiania, Alabama and Florida.

    But then again, this new development puts into perspective Marco Rubio's trademark campaign slogan.


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