Perriello: Bring It On


    Telling members of the Democratic Party of Virginia that “the truth is on our side,” Rep. Tom Perriello (D-5th) energized the members of the party Central Committee, which met in Charlottesville today. Today also marked the kickoff for the Perriello campaign of seven canvassing drives throughout that geographically large district.

    Rep. Perriello emphasized that his campaign will be one of person-to-person contact, nothing that his campaign volunteers had already made 60,000 phone calls and knocked on 5,000 doors.

    The basic themes of Tom Perriello’s re-election campaign will focus on the need to rebuild the competitive advantage of the American economy and rebuilding the strength of the hard-working middle class, while putting our nation “on the right side of history.”

    More Perriello remarks after the “flip”

    On the historic health reform legislation passed by Congress: “If the Republicans want to repeal the health reform bill [just passed] and drive Medicare into bankruptcy by 2017, I’m ready to have that fight.”

    On the direction the Democratic Party is taking: “We’re on the right side of history….Never forget this. The only things the Republicans are offering are the same policies that got us in the situation we are in today.”

    On the need for financial reform: “Yes. Wall Street has too much influence in the Democratic Party, but it owns the other party.”

    On the need for a new energy policy: “We need to stop putting so much of our wealth through our gas tanks, sending it to the petro-dictators of the world, many of whom hate us.”

    The GOP may have targeted Tom Perriello’s seat, but they had better be ready for a fight. He’s up to the challenge and more…

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