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More Endorsements for Susan Mariner


The election for DPVA 1st Vice Chair is this Saturday, less than 72 hours away. I wanted to update everyone on Susan Mariner’s endorsement list, which  just keeps on growing as the vote nears. Here are a few endorsers since yesterday.

*Phil Burnette, 5th CD Dem Committee Vice Chair, who says, “Susan Mariner is one of the hardest working, most effective, and most dedicated Democrats I know, as highlighted by her attendance at the 5th CD Democratic Committee’s nominating convention for Tom Perriello this past weekend. In addition, Susan’s commitment to Democratic committees and communities across Virginia, including in rural parts of the Commonwealth, is unsurpassed. I strongly endorse Susan Mariner for the DPVA 1st Vice Chair position and urge others to vote for her!”

*Lovely Lall, Catoctin District Chair and Asian American Community activist

*Thom Beres, Potomac District Chair

*Joe Fitzgerald, Vice Chair 6th CD

*Elaine Owens, Secretary 6th CD

*Lorene Martin, 5th CD Treasurer

*Sam Crockett, 10th CD Chair

*Linda Wyatt, 6th District Committee Chair

*Mike Lieberman, Arlington County Democratic Committee Chair

Thanks to everyone for their endorsements, can we say “momentum?” 🙂 Go Susan!

P.S. Also, thanks to the 368 people who have joined the Susan Mariner for DPVA 1st Vice Chair Facebook page.


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