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One By One GOP Candidates Are Exposed for the Liars They Are


By noting the following, I do not condone the lie-du-jour that consumes media “reporting” these past couple weeks.  CT Dem Richard Blumenthal deserves whatever criticism he gets.  But note how differently the press treats the extant crop of Repgs.  They lie with impunity.  Were there to be a real accounting, more of this information would be widely available.  It isn’t. Here’s just a sampling.  More later…

US Rep Mark Kirk

Not only has Congressman Kirk misrepresented his military service, his lies have been frequent, ongoing and huge. Take a look.

Rick Scott

Rick Scott is a candidate for FL governor AND a recent insurance industry lobbyist.  He also founded the astroturf “Conservatives for Patients’ Rights,” an oxymoron if ever there were one. His deceptions about the health care reform bill continue with retreads of his previous lies on behalf of the industry.  Now he wants a lock on the governorship (and possibly beyond).  A lobbyist governor, or worse?  Just say no to an astro-turfer (and transporter of teabaggers to rallies) as Governor! Take a look at the video about Scott below the fold.  You won’t want to forget his history as former CEO of giant hospital chain (founded by  former Majority Leader Bill Frist’s family) HCA, which under his “leadership,” paid 1.7 billion in civil and criminal penalties.  

Jan Brewer

Jan Brewer lies too.  Here’s Kos’s post on that.

Linda McMahon

Ms. Wrestling CEO is singularly unfit for any public office at all.  How this head of WWE (WWF) has demeaned America would take too long to explicate here. (But I will do a longer post on her before long.)  She wants to be the next Senator from CT.  Her “experience” may be why Blumental is still besting her in the polls.  And she too has lied to the people of CT about her qualifications.  When she gained an appointment for the State School Board of Education, she lied, claiming she had a degree in Education.  She did not. Check it out here. Linda McMahon, she’ll do for CT and the nation what she did for American television viewers.  As I said previously, we have learned that a wrestler (MN) and a body builder (CA) were pitiful governors.  Mere celebrity doesn’t translate into competent governance.  Nor does running just any business.

PS For years now Media Matters has taken the media to task. Now it widens its reach to fact-checking politicians at its new site. Thanks to them we now have a new source to debunk the sanctimony and deception of Repugs running for office.  


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