Wheels Coming Off the Fimian Campaign


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    I could tell that the Fimian campaign was falling apart Tuesday, when they released a video in which Keith addresses Herrity Misrepresentation #1, directly calling his opponent a liar.  The “l” word is not often used by primary candidates, so this shows desperation on their part.

    Yesterday we had the devastating  revelation, first posted on Not Larry Sabato, that Fimian got to where he is by screwing someone else out of their business.  Not good for the candidate who says he wants to bring a “business tested approach to Congress.”

    Here’s what I’m wondering: what can the Fimian campaign follow “Setting the Record Straight Part 1” with? It’s obviously implied that there’s a Part 2.  If today’s story is true, then Fimian’s only choice would be to ignore it and hit back with something else to distract from the issue and avoid a feeding frenzy.  If it’s not true, then he still remains on the defensive in the final days before the primary. If Republican voters hear about this, then I think that supposed 13-point lead will vanish pretty quickly.

    I hope that Mark Plotkin will ask some tough questions of these guys tomorrow on WTOP radio.

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