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Interview with Kenny Golden: Response to Shaun Kenney


I recently had the opportunity to interview Kenny Golden, independent candidate for Congress in the 2nd congressional district of Virginia (currently represented by Democrat Glenn Nye). The interview is fairly long, so I’m breaking it up. Here are the first two questions, which respond to a post by Shaun Kenney on conservative blog Bearing Drift in which he charged that there are now “two Democrats to choose from” in VA-02. More to follow, but for now, enjoy!

Blue Virginia Question

According to Republican blogger Shaun Kenney, writing recently on “Bearing Drift,” your candidacy now means that “VA-02 has two Democrats to choose from!” According to Kenney, “there isn’t much that distances Golden from the policies of Glenn Nye and any so-called centrist progressive.”  Do you agree or disagree with these characterizations of your candidacy?

Kenny Golden Answer

The problem with Shaun’s assessment is that it is based on a single issue: abortion. I do not believe the Federal Government should be involved in the Pro-Life/Choice issue. First of all, this issue should be decided at the state level. In other words, invoke the Constitution’s 10th Amendment. Furthermore, you can’t go around preaching smaller government, claiming to be a conservative, while at the same time promoting legislation that involves the Federal Government in a decision that is extremely personal.  Take a look at the website and you’ll see “Give a Child a Chance”, my idea for curtailing abortions as much as possible.

My personal position is definitely anti-abortion.  However, it is my personal religious belief and is not something I should impose on another.  I’m married to a staunch Catholic, and Francie and I decided long ago if our daughter became pregnant we would keep the child and or help raise it outright.  Fortunately, we didn’t have to face that problem.  I certainly don’t think that makes me a centrist by his definition. A Constitutionalist, yes, but certainly not a centrist.

Also consider this: Unlike both of my opponents, I never once supported an issue that would have lead to a greater tax burden on our citizens or one that would have increased the scope of government. The GOP nominee cannot make this claim. So perhaps Shaun got the names of his second Democrat crossed up. He’s still a great friend and I told him I owe him a beer next time down for helping me with the Democratic vote.

Blue Virginia Question

From that same article on “Bearing Drift,” do you agree that you have “opted to moderate [yourself] on a series of key points, or perhaps bought into the idea that sloughing off the social conservative wing of the GOP somehow will merit deeper consideration from others in VA-02 who grow distant from Nye, but cannot stomach the hard core conservative roots of Scott Rigell?”  If not, please tell us exactly why you disagree.

Kenny Golden Answer

I haven’t moderated my views on any particular issue. I won the Chairmanship of the Republican Party 256-4 with my stance on abortion and in fact receive a standing ovation with my statement, ”  I don’t want any government making a personal decision for me and my family.  My stance on the issues facing the voters are the same now as in the past, with one exception, the issue of offshore drilling. With Scott, how can you say he is a Conservative in view of all the money he has given to liberal individuals and causes? What will keep him from doing the same as a Congressman? With Glenn, you never know where he stands on anything until he exercises the vote that either Speaker Pelosi or Owen Pickett has told him to cast.


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