Scott Rigell Shows How Much He Cares About the GI Bill


    Fine, Scott Rigell doesn’t do “impromptu interviews,” but he can’t even say that Jim Webb’s GI Bill – which passed the Senate 92-6 and the House 416-12 (and was signed into law by President Bush 2 years ago, on June 30, 2008) – was a good idea?  I mean, in all the time Rigell spends talking about why he can”t answer the question, he could have…well, answered the question!  Heh.  Anyway, maybe next time, someone should ask Rigell about his acceptance of “cash-for-clunkers” money, or why he refused to appear on stage with Sarah Palin (and Oliver North and George Allen). Maybe those topics will prompt him to be a bit more talkative. Or not.