Game On For George Allen


    If George Allen’s name was Bill Smith, he’d be teaching middle school history. Instead, his inheritance has buoyed, then destroyed his political star. Now he’s trying to redefine his heritage to his advantage. At the end of the month he’s speaking at a Jewish retreat in Reston. Everything to everybody.

    “There was no response Tuesday afternoon to a message left with Allen’s office for comment about his scheduled appearance.” – WTVR report

    Balance that with his noncommittal tightrope walk with the Tea Party and you see a candidate who is attempting to avoid issues and play to incongruous constituencies without being called out. The Allen website plays to NASCAR fans and the Heritage Foundation crowd. He “wrote” a book, is using it as a reason to make local appearances across the state, and is lightly stumping for Virginia politicians. “Safe” radio interviews and choreographed videos are his preferred medium.

    George Allen’s problem is that he is pretty much an empty vessel. Without the props and outside his circle, he is a train wreck. So he will go to his strength and let his handlers arrange safe venues with safer rules of engagement. This is going to work, too, because he will be able to play to the audience present. No questions, no extemporaneous banter, just the “facts.” And the Allen “halo” will power him back to popularity and possibly the Senate.  

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