Grandma: The Rap


    Arlington, Virginia’s own Remy is out with his latest video — “Grandma: The Rap” — and it’s a good one (although my all-time favorite GoRemy video remains Arlington: The Rap.  See after the “flip” for a sampling of the lyrics. Enjoy!

    You coming to visit?

    It best not be a surprise

    oh, by the way

    these are my testing supplies

    You think you can mug a granny?

    so sure you can do it, G?

    I walk in you run out faster

    than Social Security

    Just stop and smell the roses

    I may be older than Moses

    oh yeah, but I’m-a fight you off

    like I fight osteoporosis

    you can’t handle this

    part of the greatest generation

    my rhymes are scandalous

    like the Harding administration

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