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Thank You Democrats Who Allowed Cooch to Run Amok


Cooch explains the reason why his case against the national health care reform law is moving forward. Here’s the part that should make every Democrat angry:

…The court basically ruled on four different items…The first one was whether or not Virginia was injured, because if you don’t have an injury you can’t have a case; courts don’t give opinions about what they might do, they resolve actual fights. And the court ruled, because . And Virginia’s law said that no Virginian can be forced to health insurance against their will; Virginia has its own law; we have a Virginia Healthcare Freedom Act, passed on a bipartisan basis this year – and we have a Democrat Senate and a Republican House – so it had to be bipartisan to get throughthat became law before the president signed the federal health care bill…

That’s right, Cooch’s #1 reason for why his lawsuit is moving forward is because Virginia passed – on a “bipartisan” basis – Bob Marshall’s Healthcare Freedom Act. Unfortunately, Cooch is right, it was bipartisan. Let’s review.

First, the House of Delegates, where Sideshow Bob’s lunacy passed by a 72-26 margin. True, Republicans control that chamber and Bob Marshall’s crazy law was going to pass, no matter how Democrats voted. Still, it’s lame that anyone calling himself or herself a “Democrat” voted for HB 10. First and foremost, I point my finger at Minority Leader Ward Armstrong, who rumor has it wants to run for governor in 2013. Sorry, but just on this vote alone – helping give Cooch the ammo he needed to push his lawsuit against what is arguably Barack Obama’s #1 achievement as president – Armstrong should be disqualified from any serious consideration by Democratic voters. Seriously. Outta here. Bye bye!

Now, on to the Senate, a chamber controlled by Democrats, and where the vote was close (23-17). So how did Sideshow Bob’s lunacy pass there?  For that, we have five people who put a “D” after their names — Chuck Colgan, Edd Houck, John C. Miller, Phil Puckett, Roscoe Reynolds — to thank. Essentially, these are the Ben Nelsons and Blanche Lincolns of Virginia, super-conservative Democrats who might as well be Republicans when it comes to health care, energy, environment, and a bunch of “social issues.” I mean, “big tent” is one thing, but giving Kookinelli “bipartisan” cover to go around trashing health care reform? Argh.

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