Andy Sere Reaches a New Low


    (This is disgusting, Andy Sere should be fired. – promoted by lowkell)

    Andy Sere has decided to post the addresses of some of Tom Perriello's staff on Twitter. This is totally crossing a line, especially given that earlier in the cycle a gas line was cut at Tom Perriello's brother's home, after his address was publicly posted online.

    Campaign staffers come from all over, and work for candidates they believe in. They do their best to work for their respective parties in critical districts–that's how they make a living. If they're from the district, they vote for their candidate. If they aren't, they don't. They get one vote the same way anyone else does. And sure, you can try to attack a campaign for hiring some staff from outside the district, but you can also make that point without endangering staffers and their families. If Andy Sere insists on making these staffers' private lives public, perhaps he could think of safety issues and only post the city they're from? Or maybe he could stick to campaign issues, and to what the respective candidates would do if they were elected instead of talking about where a staffer's paycheck gets sent. Disgusting.

    UPDATE by Lowell: Sign the petition ( and demand that Twitter ban Andy Sere for posting private addresses & violating terms of service. 


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